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Door Mats and Floor Mats

Think about the amount of foot traffic that goes through your home. Hard surfaces and rugs get plenty of wear. With the right doormats and floor mats, you can keep your flooring looking great.

Where should you place doormats and floor mats?

Examine the traffic flow in your home. Do family members and guests use the front door, back door, or both? Once inside, what path is the most traveled? Is it in the kitchen, a hallway, or basement? Answer these questions, then place the mats inside and outside the home for maximum performance.

  • Doormats: Doormats have great dirt removal and water absorption abilities. Place the mats in the entryway so people don’t track soil in your home. Lay indoor rugs at the door’s sill to catch the muck from shoes as soon as individuals cross the threshold. Most outdoor and welcome mats have scrapers to grab the dirt from shoes before they leave the porch.
  • Floor mat: Floor mats are designed to collect soil and grime from footwear in high traffic areas. They also help reduce slips and falls. A subcategory of the floor mat is called anti-fatigue mats. Put a rug in front of the kitchen sink to lessen the strain on legs and feet while washing dishes.
What material should you choose?

First, check the bottom of the floor and doormats before choosing a material. For safety reasons, choose a mat with a non-slip back to minimize movement. With this in mind, select door mats made with low-pile materials to hide tracks and stains.

  • Carpet: Rug fibers vary. Still, there are smart choices for indoor and outdoor doormats. Nylon fibers stand up well in high-foot-traffic areas. These rugs are durable, non-allergenic, resilient, and resistant to dirt and mildew. For outdoor use, opt for Olefin doormats and floor mats. The material absorbs a considerable amount of water and thoroughly scrapes dirt and mud from shoes.
  • Rubber: Rubber doormats are extremely resilient and offer exceptional traction to prevent falls. The black color coordinates well with contemporary and traditional décor. Set rubber floor mats and doormats in the kitchen, laundry room, and other high-traffic areas.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl mats have deep grooves to trap dirt and water from shoes. They are less expensive than carpet and rubber door mats and floor mats. These floor mats and doormats have either teeth or smooth backs.
  • Coconut: Made from the husks of a coconut, door mats with custom messages are environmentally friendly and some even have waterproof fibers.
How do you care for door mats and floor mats?

You can extend the life of door mats with frequent cleanings. They are easy to maintain. Shake, sweep, or vacuum the rugs frequently to get rid of dirt, mud, and dust. Follow the care instructions for weekly washing and rinsing.

  • Remove spots on carpet doormats with upholstery shampoo or liquid dish soap.
  • After rinsing, allow indoor mats to dry fully.
  • Hose down welcome mats and custom outdoor mats and let them air dry.

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