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Drake's Men's Clothes

If you are a man, then you know it takes many different types of clothing to fit all the unique aspects of your lifestyle. You need a variety of shirts, trousers, footwear, and accessories for work, leisure activities, and relaxing at home. Men looking to add items to their wardrobes may want to consider apparel from Drake's, a British clothier with headquarters in London, England, that has been doing business since 1977.

What types of clothing are available?

Drake’s men’s clothes include items like hoodies, pants, various shirts, and so on. Additional clothing includes:

  • Overcoats and jackets: Choose from field coats, pea coats, bomber jackets, and overcoats.
  • Cardigans: Long-sleeved cardigans and vests made from lamb’s wool or cashmere are available.
  • T-shirts and polo shirts: There are long-sleeved and short-sleeved T-shirts and polos in a variety of colors.
  • Pants: Linen, cotton, twill, and denim pants are offered in various colors.
  • Swimwear: Swim shorts are available in a variety of prints and colors.
Does the company make any menswear accessories?

Yes, they offers accessories including:

  • Belts
  • Cufflinks and pins
  • Cummerbunds
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Suspenders
  • Umbrellas
Are ties available?

Yes, the company makes a wide variety of silk and silk-blend ties, including:

  • Madder: These ties are made from 30-ounce silk fabric.
  • Foulard: These are composed of 36-ounce silk fabric.
  • Jacquard: These silk ties come with white tipping.
  • Panama: These ties measure 3.15 inches by 57.9 inches.
  • Split circle: These are textured ties with a circle motif.
  • Silk and linen: These ties are composed of 50% silk and 50% linen.
  • Silk and cotton: These are made from 50% silk and 50% cotton.
  • Shantung: These ties feature a herringbone weave.
Does the company have any pocket squares?

A pocket square is a piece of cloth that can be placed in the breast pocket of a suit coat. The company provides a series of pocket squares made from 78% cotton, 20% modal, and 2% cashmere, featuring the artwork of British experimental painter Filippo Caramazza. Other pocket squares made with this fabric feature a batik design. The company also offers pocket squares made from 62% linen and 38% cashmere with a line of color as a border, along with other options made from 72% cotton and 28% silk.

Is men's footwear available?

Yes, the company provides a variety of men's shoes and boots, including:

  • Chukka boots: These suede boots lace up the front.
  • Derbies: These shoes have a leather upper and a rubber sole.
  • Paraboots: These are leather shoes with a raised apron and a rubber sole.
  • Penny loafers: These shoes have a pebble-grain leather upper and a rubber sole.
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