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Drum Stools & Thrones

Being a drummer is a different experience than performing other instruments in a rock, jazz, or pop music band. It is the only instrument in traditional groups that requires the musician to sit down. When sitting for so long while doing physical activity, good comfort is required and a drum throne or stool is designed to enhance your drumming performance.

What are some notable drum stool brands?

ROC-N-SOC has the advantage of a variety of drum stools, stands, and hardware styles to choose from, and the company is known for its innovative approach to drum seating. Pork Pie has a fun image, and their seats are heavily padded and come in dozens of colorful prints for a vivid, entertaining look. Ahead is another professional, industrious option known for the durability of their thrones and stands.

What accessories can be added to a drum stool?

Seats have a few different options for extra hardware. Health always comes first, so one important accessory could be a cushioned back rest for back support. Most drum thrones have special backrest slots in the back of the stand to install a separate back rest. Some may like their thrones but feel the need for a better cushion. Luckily, seat tops are sold seperately. Drummers are artists, so you can choose to play in style. Seat covers with interesting designs can be put on top of the already existing chair.

What is the ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne?

This braced round-top drum throne has been available for decades. The classic-looking cloth seat panel is not only designed for comfort, but it is also a non-slip and sweat-resistant surface, something to look out for when playing percussion for hours. The vinyl trim on the side of the chair maintains the throne top's durability. It also comes with back slots compatible with most backrests.

What is the Pork Pie Big Boy Leopard Throne?

This piece, almost a drum lazyboy, is a cozy, groovy choice for a drummer. The leopard print top and gold glitter side makes it impossible to not catch the eye instantly. The bicycle-saddle-shaped top coupled with the wide cushion makes it a smart match for heavy-set and small percussion players as well. Make sure to get the matching backrest for extra cozy drumming.

What is the ROC-N-SOC Lunar Series Gas Lift Throne?

One attraction of this braced drum throne is the hydraulic gas lift height adjuster. The adjustable feature extends and stands at a wide range from 19 to 27 inches to accommodate tall and short drummers alike. The parts are movable yet stable and sturdy. Also, the cushion is designed for movable comfort. Its shape and amount of padding prevents cramps for many drummers.