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Duncan Parking Meter

Full Duncan parking meters and parts are available for purchase as both whole units as well as individual pieces. There are Duncan meters that are capable of handling times of one hour, two hours, 10 hours, and 12 minutes. In addition, there are lenses as well as individual lock and door mechanisms available.

Are there different models of Duncan parking meters?

Yes, there are several different Duncan parking meter models offered, and they span a range of time periods in history. One of the Duncan parking meters available is a model from the 1960s that features three coin slots as well as two meter heads. In addition, several Model 50 meters from the 1950s and a 1940s model with a single coin slot are also available. One model offered features a vault door with original decals. Meter time between models varies from item to item.

What types of coins are accepted by the products?

From product to product, the types of coins accepted vary. Some vintage models are able to accept both nickels and dimes while another model offering 12 minutes of meter time only accepts pennies. Another Duncan meter featuring 10 hours of time is able to only accept quarters. Certain models have multiple coin slots that are each designed to accept a different type of coin. In addition to full-size Duncan parking meters, meter heads are available, which can accept several different combinations of coins. One 10-hour head is able to only accept quarters while the red Ford-themed head takes pennies, nickels, and dimes.

What types of parts are there?

Parts available for these parking meters include time dials, locks, lenses, coin cups, and keys. The S-4 coin cup offered is able to accept and hold up to 50 coins at a time. Time dials are made for specific models, such as the Model 50 dial that is made for two-hour time limits. Domes for parking meters can come in sets or individually. Locks and keys are also available for purchase. In some cases, multiple sets of locks and keys can be purchased together.

Are there products available in different colors?

Parking meters are available in many different colors. For example, casings in silver, white, and red are on offer. Silver models are available for all of the parking meter model types. Full parking meters come in silver primarily. Casings in other colors come sold separately.

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