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How to Find the Right Electric Organ for Your Needs

If you're an avid organ player you may have considered at some point getting an electric organ to play on. Electric organs are frequently portable and very often have other features that normal organs don't have. eBay has electric organs of in, new, used, secondhand, and preowned conditions to suit whatever your individual needs may be.

Should you get a portable organ or a non-portable one?

Depending on your specific needs, you may want to get a portable organ over a non-portable one. Portable organs can be very convenient but are only really practical if you plan to move it around a lot. Non-portable organs typically have more of a traditional organ aesthetic to them that the portable ones don't have. Ultimately, the biggest differences between the two are the ease of transport, the design of the organ, and occasionally price.

Difference between an electric organ and a pipe organ

Electric organs have many beneficial qualities and features that normal pipe organs simply don't have. Some electric organs are capable of being programmed to use various different sounds. Electric organs typically offer a diverse selection of designs and can be used in various decor types where a traditional organ wouldn't fit. They're also often considerably more affordable than traditional pipe organs as well.

What are some features to consider when purchasing one?

As there are many differences between electric organs, it can be helpful to keep a few key features and design elements in mind when making your purchase:

  • Whether or not the organ is portable.
  • The specific design and appearance of the organ. Some electric organs are designed to look more like traditional pipe organs, whereas others can take on a keyboard appearance.
  • Whether or not the organ has any other sound modes.
  • Whether the organ is new or used.
Buying a new or used electric organ

These organs listed on eBay often hold their value extremely well, making them more of an investment than a purchase. Used electronic organs tend to be well taken care of in their lifetime and are usually in great condition. However, getting a new organ might be a better option for you if you're worried about minor cosmetic damage on your organ. There may be a wider variety of models if you choose to get a new organ as well. As these organs are durable, if they are taken care of they will hold their value for years to come.