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Enfamil Baby Feeding Formulas

Although breast milk is a healthy way to nourish an infant, some mothers are unable to produce enough milk for frequent feedings. Some parents choose not to breastfeed their babies at all and give them formula instead. Enfamil produces quality formulas for infants so that they can get the nutrition that they need for good health and development during those critical months.

What is infant formula?

Infant formula is a type of manufactured food that is designed to provide the proper nutrition for newborns and infants who are usually 12 months of age and under. Baby formula is made to resemble the nutrition that can be received through a mother’s breast milk once the baby is born. Infant formula can be used for feeding a baby until it can eat more solid foods.

What are the different types of formula?
  • Dairy-based: This type uses cow’s milk and contains lactose.
  • Soy-based: This type is created with soy proteins. It does not contain lactose, but if a baby is allergic to milk, it may also be allergic to soy-based formula.
  • Hypoallergenic: Also known as protein hydrolysate formulas, it does not contain the allergy-stimulating substances found in soy and dairy options.
  • Lactose-free: It’s formulated for babies who can’t properly digest lactose.
What are the different forms of formula?

Enfamil produces ready-to-use, concentrated liquid, and powder formulas. The ready-to-use option doesn’t require anything to be added, but the powder and concentrated liquid versions must have water added to them. A 2-ounce bottle will require 1 ounce of water and 1 ounce of the concentrated liquid. The powder form requires one scoop of powder to be added to 2 ounces of water. Portions are based on health and nutritional values, so they should be mixed according to the package.

How should a bottle be prepared?

Every Enfamil package has instructions for the preparer, so carefully read them before feeding your infant.

  • Mixing: Powder and concentrated liquid options should be thoroughly mixed by stirring or shaking before warming.
  • Warming: Ready-to-use formulas should be properly warmed before they are given to your child. Regardless of the type of infant formula, it should not be placed in the microwave. Heat a container of water and set the bottle in it until its warm.
  • Testing: Once the bottle feels warm, put a few drops on your inner forearm to feel how warm it is. This is a sensitive section of skin, so you’ll be able to tell if it’s too hot or cold.

Be sure to read the formula’s instructions thoroughly before you use the formula to ensure that it is both mixed correctly and served at the correct temperature for your child.

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