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Estée Lauder Women's Fragrance Gift Sets

Estee Lauder Womens Fragrance Gift Sets

Estee Lauder womens fragrance gift sets include an assortment of fragrances, makeup, and skin care products packaged in various combinations for the purpose of gift-giving. These sets can also be purchased for personal use. There are many different types of sets that can align with different beauty needs.

Which products are included in the fragrance gift sets?

Fragrance gift sets are composed of various products from the Estee Lauder brand. There are travel gift sets, holiday-themed sets, miniature sets, box sets, limited-edition sets, and other kinds of sets. These sets contain perfumes, lotions, powders, lipsticks, and lip glosses in varying combinations. Some sets contain assortments of miniature perfumes; other sets contain one perfume and corresponding cosmetics. Other sets contain perfumes in different forms, such as travel size and full-size.

What fragrances are included in these gift sets?

A number of fragrances are included in the gift sets, depending upon the type of set. Some sets contain perfume and cosmetic combinations with one scent, while others contain samplers of multiple scents. Some of the more common names of fragrances are as follows:

  • Beautiful
  • Modern Muse
  • Youth Dew
  • Pleasures
  • Body
  • Bronze Goddess
  • Sensuous
What are the different types of gift sets?

These gift sets come in a variety of fragrance and cosmetic combinations. Sets typically contain two to five pieces with different or similarly scented products. Some examples are as follows:

  • Mini perfume box set
  • Travel set
  • Eau de parfum set
  • Perfume and lotion set
  • Perfume and bath oil set
  • Perfume and lipstick set
  • Set with bar soap and scented powder
What are the different uses for these sets?

There are multiple uses for these sets. They are packaged for the purpose of being given as gifts but they can also be for personal use. Instead of purchasing a full-size perfume, these sets allow consumers to sample smaller sizes of multiple scents. During the holidays they can be separated and used as stocking stuffers. These sets can also be made available on occasions for entertaining guests. Mini perfumes are also appropriate for traveling and can be ideal for small bags and purses. Other sets may contain full-size perfumes with corresponding cosmetics or skin care products of the same scent, such as lotions and soaps. When used together, the scent may produce a longer-lasting effect. Here is a list of possible uses:

  • Personal
  • House guests
  • Travel
  • Holiday gift exchange
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Anniversary gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Other type of gift
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