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FIRST RESPONSE Ovulation Kits Testing

FIRST RESPONSE Fertility Ovulation Kits

Ovulation kits can help women to predict when their most fertile days will occur. For those trying to get pregnant, the ovulation tests can help take some of the guesswork out of their fertility cycle by checking surges in womens luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. When performed correctly, the FIRST RESPONSE test is designed to provide helpful perspective to women.

How do you use a FIRST RESPONSE ovulation test?
  • Prepare the test stick: Remove the test stick from its wrapper and take off the overcap protecting the absorbent tip. The wrapper should not be removed until directly before the test is to be taken.
  • Check the digital display screen: After removing the wrapper, users should check the display screen for a clock symbol. If the clock symbol shows, the test stick is ready to use.
  • Place the absorbent tip in urine: Hold the test stick by the thumb grip with the result window facing away from the body. The absorbent tip can be placed in the urine stream or dipped in urine that has been collected in a clean cup for only 5 seconds.
How does a FIRST RESPONSE ovulation test work?
  • Immediately after the ovulation test is taken, users will see a pink line moving across the digital display screen. This is the reference line, not the test line.
  • Users should wait 5 minutes after using the test before reading the results. The results are accurately displayed for up to 1 hour after the test was initially taken.
  • If only the reference line is displayed or the test line is lighter in color and intensity, a surge in the LH level was not detected by the ovulation test.
  • If a test line appears and is as dark or even darker than the reference line, a surge was detected by the ovulation test.
When will you ovulate?
  • Most women ovulate 17 days before their cycle ends.
  • If a woman has a normal 28-day cycle, she should begin testing for an LH surge on day 11. The testing should continue for the next 6 days until the LH surge is detected.
  • Ovulation is expected to occur within the next 24 to 36 hours after a surge in LH levels is detected by the ovulation tests.
  • Those looking to conceive should have intercourse during this time to maximize their chances of getting pregnant.
What do the FIRST RESPONSE ovulation test kits include?
  • Each kit comes with seven ovulation tests that should be used around the time ovulation is expected.
  • A pregnancy test is also included to help users determine if they are pregnant 6 days before their period.
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