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What You Need to Know About Jump Ropes

Jumping rope, also known as skipping rope in some places, dates back to the 19th century when it was a popular playground game for children. The use of the jump rope has evolved greatly over the years. A jump rope is most often viewed as a fitness tool and is widely used by professional boxers to condition their bodies. There are also both organized and informal competitions held throughout the world for what is now the sport of jumping rope.

What are some reasons to use a jump rope?

The main benefit of a jump rope is support for the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular effects of jumping rope are comparable to those of jogging or biking. Just 10 minutes of rope jumping provides the same benefits to your cardiovascular system as running a mile in eight minutes.

The list of physical benefits obtained from jumping rope is not limited to your cardiovascular system. Jumping rope can also help with your rhythm, flexibility, and muscle tone.

What sizes of jump ropes are available?

Jumping rope is popular because the activity can be enjoyed by almost anyone regardless of their location. Most people will find that a jump rope that is 9 feet in length is the perfect size for them. For people who are a bit above average height, a 10-foot jump rope should do the trick. Eleven-foot jump ropes are available for exceptionally tall people. There are also jump ropes designed especially to accommodate children. Other ropes are made with adjustable lengths so that people of different ages and sizes can enjoy the same jump rope. See the manufacturer site for details.

What types of jump ropes are available?

There are a number of options you can choose from when it is time for you to select a jump rope. Here are some varieties:

  • Speed ropes - A speed rope is one of the most common jump ropes you will see when you visit a gym. These ropes are great for beginners and provide a proven method to increase quickness, agility, endurance, and footwork.
  • Beaded ropes - A beaded rope is slightly heavier and a bit clunkier than a speed rope. Beaded ropes are also not as prone to tangling. Children are attracted to the bright and fun colors of the beaded jump ropes, and adults have fun with these ropes, too.
  • Digital ropes - Jump ropes that come with digital counters provide the same exercise and health benefits as other jump ropes. The difference with these jump ropes is the ability to provide you with details pertaining to how long your workout has lasted, how many jumps have been completed, and the number of calories burned during your workout.
  • Weighted ropes - Weighted jump ropes are available for more advanced users who wish to burn more calories than is possible with other ropes. These ropes usually have 1 to 6 pounds added to their weight, so it requires more energy to use them.