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FootJoy Golf Shoes for Women

FootJoy Golf Shoes for Women are specialist sporting shoes which offer high levels of both comfort and performance when on the green. FootJoy shoes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and incorporate cutting-edge performance technologies designed to deliver exceptional traction, mobility and comfort during play.

FootJoy is a long established and highly reputed American brand centred on revolutionising traditional golfing footwear. As far back as in 1927, the brand's line of golf shoes had become the official shoe for the American Ryder Cup team, then captained by Walter Hagen. Today, FootJoy golf shoes remain the first choice of many pro and amateur golfers alike.

Fit and Function

Your golf shoes need to contend with walking 18 holes so the first thing to consider is fit. To find your accurate sizing it's a good idea to try on your shoes at both the start and end of the day. Depending on the time of day and the amount of walking or standing you may have been doing, your feet may be larger or smaller than usual.

FootJoy women's golf shoes offer excellent breathability, comfort and style and are available in many casual designs including those with Astro soles, changeable studs and mouldable studs. Many styles are crafted in elegant calfskin leather with 100% full grain soft leather uppers and can be purchased in a wide variety of colorways to suit golfing attire.

All Weather Play

FootJoy shoes offer protection against the elements during wet weather play. Golf shoes lined with GORE-TEX are extremely water resistant and offer insulative properties to keep feet warm, making them the ideal choice for winter play.

FootJoy golf shoes for women include the athletically shaped emPower shoe which has sleek performance outsoles with pods to ensure turf gripping action. The Boa collection features a unique “down and back” fit for a secure and consistent fit for forefoot and heel.