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First utilized in the 1900s, these machines revolutionized the lifting of heavy loads and quickly spread to every facet of life. They can be around the size of a car and get much larger from there. Manitou, Toyota, Linde, Clark, and Caterpillar are some of the major producers that specialize in these devices.

What are some common types of forklifts?
  • Telehandlers are often used in agricultural and industrial settings. The main component is the boom which accepts a variety of attachments, such as buckets or pallet forks. They run on diesel, handle up to 50.5 tons, and reach up to about 57 feet. Caterpillar, Toyota, and Manitou forklifts are widely used.
  • Rotating equipment handlers are like telehandlers, but they can turn to accommodate a wide range of actions. Running on diesel, they can support 12 tons and reach up to nearly 104 feet.
  • Mastered forklift trucks run on diesel, support up to 15.5 tons, and can reach up to 13 feet. Manitou, Linde, and Clark are well-known for their trucks.
  • Truck-mounted forklifts usually run on diesel, handle up to 5.5 tons, and reach up to about 11 feet.
What are some typical telehandlers?

Small telehandlers, such as the Manitou MTA 5519, reach up to a height of 19 feet, weigh 10 tons, and can hold up to 5.5 tons. Mid-range units typically support a height of 29 feet and 6 inches, weigh 25 tons, and hold a capacity of 13 tons. Heavy-duty models typically weigh 43 tons, reach up to 46 feet, and have a capacity of 19.5 tons.

What are some standard rotators?

Rotators reach high elevations. Small rotators are around 39.5 tons of weight, have a capacity of 11 tons, and reach up to 68 feet and 6 inches. Middle-range forklifts, like the Manitou MRT 3050 Privilege plus, usually weigh 50 tons, have capacities of 15.5 tons, and reach up to 81 feet and 6 inches. Standard high-end lifts weigh 53 tons, lift 12 tons, and extend up to nearly 104 feet.

What are the general specifications of master forklift trucks?

Small models generally offer a carrying capacity of 5.5 tons, a weight of 9 tons, and extend up to 10 feet and 6 inches. Mid-sized forklifts can hold up to 8.5 tons, weigh around 150 tons, and reach up to 12 feet. Generalized high-end models support up to 15 tons, weigh approximately 21.5 tons, and reach up to 13 feet and 6 inches.

What are some standard forklift attachments?
  • Fork extensions offer the ability to slide and extend using built-in forks that allow for greater height management.
  • Equipment clamps are specialized types of arm, pad, or fork carriers that allow for clamping and lifting palletized or unpalletized loads.
  • Fork positioners adjust the distance between the forks and allow the operator to stay on the truck during operation.
  • Integral carriages allow for greater net capacities for loads over 10 tons.
  • Layer pickers handle layers of multiple products, like canned and bottled items, and create mixed pallet loads.