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Frederick's of Hollywood Women's Corsets and Bustiers

Frederick's of Hollywood women’s corsets and bustiers come in several different sizes and styles, like the Hourglass corset and the Georgia Satin corset. Necklines, materials, and fastening locations help to diversify designs for a wide variety of tastes. Understanding how to put on your corset properly will ensure a secure fit.

What designs of women’s corsets does Frederick's of Hollywood make?

Frederick's makes corsets and bras in all different colors, necklines, and silhouettes. The classic corset is a highly structured garment, typically with lots of hook or click closures, that defines an hourglass shape by nipping in at the waist and emphasizing the bust and hips. Frederick's makes strapless, spaghetti strap, halter, and tank necklines. Designs include satin and lace, zipper, velvet, gartered, high neck, deep plunge, long sleeve, cinchers, sculpting garments, smoothing garments, Hollywood Dream, and sweetheart silhouettes. Colors include almond, black, blue, burgundy, peacock, pink, purple, red, and white.

What materials are used in Frederick's of Hollywood women’s corsets?

Lace, velvet, satin, metallic accents, mesh, and synthetic blends are utilized to make Frederick's undergarments, such as bras. Particular materials depend on a certain design; lots of corset designs feature one or two materials in particular. Some have panels of mesh and velvet, while others utilize transparent overlays.

What sizes are Frederick's of Hollywood undergarments available in?

Most models are available in U.S. women’s sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Be aware that certain designs like cinchers, sculpting, and smoothing undergarments may run differently with regard to size than other designs due to their shaping effect. Some styles are available in extended sizes 1X and 2X. Some corset designs are sized according to bust rather than general fit, which run from 34A through 38D. Others are simply sized according to waist measurement and run from 32 through 44.

What are some trademark features of Frederick's of Hollywood bustiers?

Frederick's crafts undergarments with the intention of delivering sex appeal. Corsets are styled in bold and free shades with various materials. Bustiers emphasize busts with the help of padding and cut, and they press on hips to emphasize the hips as well. Necklines cater to all different silhouettes.

How do you wear a bustier?

Put or click on the hosiery or stockings you want to wear before putting on the bustier. If you are wearing bottoms or shoes, put those on first. Loosen the corset and unzip or unhook the opening. Wrap the corset around your torso and refasten the opening. Tighten the laces until the garment is tight but comfortable, and then create a bow. You may want help with this. Trim the excess lacing and save it for another use if you desire, but be sure to leave enough so that you can loosen it again. When removing the corset, loosen the back lacing before the front.

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