French Toast Uniforms Size 4 and Up for Girls

Many schools require uniforms for their students. Kids can choose their outfits easily and dress themselves. French Toast provides quality and stylish uniforms to make your child look and feel great during his or her school day.

What uniform sizes does French Toast offer?

French Toast makes a variety of girls' uniforms ranging in height from 42 inches to 65 inches and in sizes 4-16. Please refer to French Toast's sizing chart to determine what size would fit your child.

What clothing options does French Toast offer for girls?

Many options for girls clothing are available from French Toast, including:

  • Shirts: Polos are available in long or short sleeve and either plain or with embellishments like ruffles or puff sleeves. For dressier wear, there are button-down shirts with short or long sleeves. There are also options for blouses, including Peter Pan, or pointed, collars, ruffles, lace, and ribbon sleeves. These blouses are designed to be worn with pants, scooters, or shorts or under a French Toast jumper.
  • Skirts: Skirts come in khaki, navy, black, gray, and several plaid color options. They are available in knee length and below the knee.
  • Scooters: Scooters have the look of a skirt with shorts built in for modesty. These are made for active girls who want to dress up but also want to run around on the playground. They are available in khaki, navy, black, gray, and plaid.
  • Shorts: School uniform shorts come in several colors and are available in thigh-length and Bermuda length to meet school requirements.
  • Pants: Pants come in several colors and styles. There are wider leg, skinny, and capri options. Some also have an adjustable waist for added comfort.
  • Jumpers and dresses: French Toast has a number of jumpers and dresses available in navy, khaki, black, and more. Pair these school uniform jumpers with a French Toast blouse for a finished look.
  • Outerwear: For chilly days, French Toast has sweater vests and cardigans in an array of colors including white, black, navy, red, burgundy, and hunter green to match your school uniform. They also have hoodies and fleece for cold days and blazers for days when your child is required to dress up, such as on school picture day.
  • Activewear: For gym class, French Toast has active shirts and bottoms to help keep your child on the move.
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