Gamehide Hunting Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

Gamehide pieces are specifically engineered for those who implement scouting and shooting procedures in wilderness environments. By wearing a proper tactic product while scouting deer in the wild, you'll have opportunities to view and study various animals' habits unseen because the printed patterns on the fabrics will help you blend with elements in the surroundings. Gamehide hunting clothing, shoes, and accessories come in colors like bright orange, black and blue camouflage, or brown and black camouflage.

What are the product options?

There are vests under the waterfowl category, the fishing category, the ElimiTick category, and more. A typical vest is made out of a thick material that isn't bulky or heavy, so you can grab a rifle or gun without snagging the housing against the fabric. Their Front-Loader vest is an example. In addition, many pieces by Gamehide are stitched with zippers.

Gamehide jackets and coats are available in the waterfowl category, the ElimiTick category, Insulated, Uninsulated, Rainwear, and more. Most apparel for arctic conditions have a hood attached to the main material. The hood is often used to keep out rain, snow, or dust from the main part of the jacket. The jacket lining that's found underneath a hood are designed not to affect sound frequencies, so heavy wind currents won't cause accuracy issues when you secure the fabric over your head.

Pants by Gamehide have patterns that match the coat and jacket. This means that you can wear a matching outfit that will blend with environmental elements in dusty, marine, or forest zones. Gamehide pants can be worn during tactical scouting situations that involve ground sniping routines. Examples of pant/jacket combinations are the HECS Quarter Zip Hoodie which can be combined with the HECS Dakota pant.

What are the features for Gamehide clothing?

The tactic vests are designed with multiple pockets for knifes and other common accessories. Each compartment is stitched so that the pockets are deep. You can transport multiple accessories to hunting locations while wearing a Gamehide vest.

Overalls that are made by Gamehide have different features, as well. For example, their ElimiTick has Insect Shield Tehnology fused into the fabric. If you're going to hunt in a location that has low temperatures, Gamehide offers insulation material. Examples are the Tundra Fleece pant, the Deer Camp Reversible vest, the Renegade Packable Down jacket, the Flatland Bib overalls, and the Flatland Parka jackets.