Gas Ranges and Stoves

Specialty Cooking Gear: Gas Ranges That Are More Than 30 Inches Wide

The gas range is a staple in kitchens across the world, and for some serious cooks, the wider the cooking surface, the better. From cooking small meals, to cooking for the family, to cooking for a party with hundreds of guests, a gas stove has been something chefs and home cooks alike cant go without. Here are some functions and features to consider when shopping for a larger gas stove for sale on eBay.

How big are standard gas stoves?

The standard gas stove is about 30 inches wide and 36 inches tall. This is so that the range is flush with the counters. Standard stove depth is 25 inches; with the oven door, this number may jump another couple of inches. Stoves usually range in width from about 20 inches to 36 inches, and commercial-grade stoves may be as wide as 60 inches across. Regardless of width, most stoves are around 36-inches tall, but the wider commercial stoves may come a bit taller as well.

Brands that offer 36-inch gas ranges

A 36-inch gas range is commonly used in homes, so most home appliance brands will carry them. Gas stoves of this width are also available from higher-end appliance brands, so you can find a Wolf gas range, a Thermador range, and a KitchenAid 36 gas range. You can also find Bertazzoni, GE, Tecnogas, and Verona ranges.

Do all 36-inch gas ranges have only one oven?

Most standard home gas ranges will have only one oven. A 36-inch gas range with a double oven is a more luxurious home appliance. For example, the KitchenAid 36 gas range will usually come with one oven that is likely to have a self-cleaning feature. However, KitchenAid makes at least one double oven gas range in the 36-inch width. Double-oven gas ranges by Wolf and Thermador are also available.

Benefits of using gas stoves

Many cooks believe that gas ranges do a better job of cooking food and that they are worth the slightly higher price. You can find a new or used double-oven gas stove on eBay, which is considered to be a better option for people who enjoy doing a lot of cooking. Cooks also like being able to gauge temperature by checking the height of the flame, and they enjoy the convenience of being able to heat and cook meals quickly because of the direct flame.