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GearWrench Automotive Hand Wrenches

GearWrench, a company specializing in creating quality tools for automotive and industrial technicians, offers a wide array of hand wrenches, so youll never be without the perfect tool for the job. Sold in both singles and in wrench sets, these tools are designed to be used in tight spaces and odd angles. GearWrenchs patented 5-degree ratcheting wrenches are available in more than 20 styles and over 400 different sizes, including metric and standard SAE measurements.

What is a ratcheting wrench?

Ratcheting wrenches are a type of socket wrench. They have a mobile ratcheting piece that fits into the wrench socket. This is then placed over the bolt or nut, and tightens or loosens it as the handle moves back and forth in small increments. The ratcheting mechanism can turn both clockwise and counterclockwise, so you can always tighten or loosen the fastener as needed, no matter where your hand or arm is positioned. Ratcheting wrenches allow for users to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts at a faster pace than standard socket wrenches, and they are ideal for working in tight spaces or at awkward angles. They are available with both metric and SAE measurements.

What is a ratcheting wrench made out of?

GearWrench makes their ratcheting tools out of high-quality stainless steel. Since they are designed for industrial and automotive professionals, they are made to be durable. You can purchase a ratcheting wrench that is either chrome-plated or made with full polished chrome.

Wrench sets from GearWrench come with multiple sizes of wrenches in your chosen material and style. Some wrench sets include interchangeable wrench heads. They can also include a carrying case, allowing you to easily keep your tools organized.

What features do wrenches from GearWrench offer?

Wrench sets from GearWrench come with a variety of features. Your set choice will depend on the specifics of the project you want to complete.

  • Length: GearWrench wrench sets come in a wide array of sizes from short-handled Stubby wrenches to those with handles that are extra-long.
  • Measurement units: GearWrench wrench sets come in one of two measurement types: SAE and metric. Wrenches marked SAE, or Society of Automotive Engineers, utilize inches as their measurement scale. For example, a 1/2-inch wrench would be classified as SAE. If youre more comfortable measuring in millimeters, a metric wrench would be better suited to your needs. These tools are available in sizes like 8 and 12 millimeters, among others.
  • Dual-ended heads: GearWrench wrenches are often double-sided. One side features the ratcheting head while the other features an open socket wrench head.
  • Flexible heads: GearWrench offers wrenches with flexible heads. These heads tilt up to 180 degrees, allowing you to easily reach around corners and in tight places.
  • Comfort grips: Some GearWrench ratcheting tools are available with cushioned grips for added comfort while you work.