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GM Car and Truck Key Blanks

GM has produced a wide range of automobiles over many years, and each model uses a uniquely shaped key for the doors and ignition. GM car and truck key blanks provide versatility and convenience for car owners. Having several sets of spare keys can help you avoid getting locked out of your automobile or missing appointments.

Are key blanks available for all GM automobiles?

These blanks are available for every model of car or truck produced by GM, so you can back up your primary set of keys with OEM products. Many key blanks are compatible with multiple GM models. They include the molded plastic handle emblazoned with the GM logo, so they look and work exactly like the original products. To avoid an inconvenient situation, store an extra set of keys in:

  • A purse, briefcase, or wallet
  • A hideaway key holder
  • A kitchen cabinet or drawer
  • A jewelry case or home safe
Are separate keys needed for GM’s doors and ignition?

Most GM vehicles use the same key for the ignition and doors, but some models require separate products. If the ignition switch and doors of your car require different keys, the appropriate key blanks are available for your automobile. Theyre available as sets of blanks that can be cut at the same time by a locksmith.

Do GM key blanks work with transponder security systems?

GM key blanks are designed to work exactly like the original products, so they’re fully compatible with transponder security systems. If your vehicle has a transponder chip, you can use key blanks cut for your vehicle in conjunction with an electronic unlocking device to start your engine. If your current key has a transponder chip embedded in the plastic handle, an identical replacement product is available for your automobile.

How often do GM key blanks need to be replaced?

Key blanks are made from a hard metal that holds its shape for many years. Keeping these products clean and storing them in a secure location helps to reduce wear and tear on the teeth of their shafts and minimizes the number of times they need to be replaced. It’s important to have several spare sets of your GM keys to rely on in case your primary set becomes lost or damaged. Under normal conditions, automobile keys should be replaced every 8,000 to 10,000 uses or eight to 10 years, depending on how often you drive.

How long does it take to cut GM key blanks?

The amount of time it takes to cut GM key blanks depends on whether you have spare keys to lend your locksmith to make copies. These products can be copied in about five minutes. If the locksmith needs to measure the inside of your door locks and ignition switch to get the correct shape of the key, the process can take one to two hours.