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Buying Designer Men's Flip Flops

Gucci, an Italian brand of luxury fashion goods, was founded in 1921. In short order, Gucci became internationally recognized as a luxury brand and in recent years has long held a place on Interbrand's \"Top Global 100 Brands\" chart. Today, Gucci operates hundreds of stores around the world and is a multi-billion dollar brand. The iconic GG logo of Gucci is usually easily found on all Gucci menswear products.

Gucci mens footwear is often known for full-grain leather outer faces, and timelessly classic styles. Gucci men's flip flops and sandals are made of the same materials and quality construction. Called slide sandals by the brand, Gucci flip flops have a single strap which sits over the top of the balls of the foot, rather than utilizing a three-sided thong construction. These sandals are often available in blacks, whites and muted earth tones like brown or gold. Some have bright accent colors to match cool or warm colored palettes. Though most Gucci sandals have flat soles and insoles, some varieties have a more contoured insole to provide more support for the wearer.

What Materials Should My Flip Flops Be Made Of?

Depending on when and how you intend to wear your slide sandals, you may want to consider opting for a specific material to get the most out of your purchase.

  • Gucci leather thong sandals require regular care to be kept in good shape and should not be worn where they are likely to get wet or damp, as this can damage the leather.
  • Synthetic sandals do not need regular care but can be more slippery in wet conditions.
  • Rubber slide sandals do not need regular care but unlike other synthetics, tend to have better traction on the foot and the ground. However, they breathe less well than other varieties.
  • Canvas mens flip flops and sandals breathe well and do not require regular care. However, they generally last less long than leather, synthetic, and rubber options.

What Kind of Patterns Can I Choose From?

Gucci manufactures thong sandals, slides and other sandal varieties in many different looks and appearances.

  • One of the signature sandal patterns and looks is a multi-strap variety which offers more security to keep the shoe on the foot.
  • Canvas and leather sandals can also be found in striped and barred patterns which can help smaller feet look larger or wider.
  • Some sandals have a repeating GG or Gucci logo pattern.
  • Still others have repeating classic floral or brocade designs.
  • While most patterns are flat atop the flip flop material, others are embossed or imprinted into the material to provide a textured look.