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Batteries for Charging Your PDA

Functioning as a handheld computer or pocket PC, PDAs replace traditional day planners with built-in address books, calendars, calculators, and clocks. More recent models also offer games, video and music-playing capabilities, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and responsive touchscreens. PDAs originally ran on nickel batteries, but more recent innovations in lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology allow for longer-lasting options to take over as the preferred choice of battery for most model series.

What Is a PDA?

PDA stands for personal digital assistant, and is like a pocket PC designed to help you work efficiently and get more done, no matter what your job is.

  • PDAs come with a range of different memory capacities, with increased memory allowing more programs to run at the same time without reducing the performance of the device.
  • Series equipped with faster processors mean that the device functions more smoothly, even as you open additional programs.
  • Battery life is an important consideration when buying a personal digital assistant, with most newer models compatible with lithium-ion batteries that last longer than older nickel cadmium batteries.

What Is the Difference Between a PDA and a Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones were originally for voice communication and personal digital assistants worked as personal organizers, the line between the two now blurs with the creation of smartphones.

  • Smartphones combine the capabilities of a mobile phone with many of the features associated with personal digital assistants, although they still orient toward being a phone more than a personal organizer.
  • Pocket PCs, such as the HP iPAQ, are a series of devices that use the Windows operating system, with a focus on computing and data tasks while offering secondary cellular phone capabilities.

What Should You Consider When Buying a PDA Battery?

Personal digital assistants, such as the HP iPAQ, can run on either monochrome or colored screens, with the latter generally enhancing the user experience, but also using more battery life. The battery that's right for you depends on the series of personal digital assistant you own and how you use it.

  • For older personal digital assistants that run on AAA batteries, a monochrome screen is a good option so you're not constantly having to replace the PDA battery.
  • When using brightly colored screens on an iPAQ, or similar series, consider a rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery that will give you a longer duration of charge and always carry a spare, just in case your current battery loses power.
  • Make sure the battery you are buying is compatible with your model and series of personal digital assistant. This is usually clearly indicated in the product description or on the packaging.