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Shopping for Haibike Electric Bikes on eBay

If you enjoy mountain biking and like the extra boost from an electric bike, Haibike offers a range of high-end options. And unlike older electric bikes that require large attachments to function, these bikes have streamlined technology that makes the electric attachment blend into the build of the bike. Here's how to find the right bike for you on eBay.

Choosing from available models of Haibike eBikes

Haibike manufactures two main series of bikes, both of which incorporate Haibike's award-winning technology. The Haibike electric bikes XDURO is the manufacturer's cutting-edge line of bikes. The XDURO series features upgraded components and a lightweight frame, and it's an excellent choice if you're someone who is very focused on performance.

The affordable Haibike electric bikes SDURO series offers bikes aimed at a wider audience. The SDURO series of eBikes includes those optimized for cyclocross and touring as well as traditional mountain bikes. And since they are available at many different price points, it's easier to find an affordable SDURO bike if you're on a budget. While shopping, be sure to take your time and read through descriptions for exact specifications, as each bike series includes many different models.

What frame and wheel sizes are right?

Haibike electric bicycles are available in different wheel sizes, so you can choose one that's suited for the terrain you ride on most often. Many models allow you to choose 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels. See the manufacturer site for details. The smaller wheels are ideal for navigating tight turns and difficult descents, while the larger wheels roll smoothly and are a better fit for terrain that isn't quite as rough.

Frame size is important, too. If you don't know your mountain bike size, be sure to consult manufacturer information on selecting the right size. Look at more measurements than just the frame size; a bike with a reach that is too short or too long for you can make riding uncomfortable. Check the specs to make sure you get a perfect fit on your first purchase.

Considering suspension options

One very important consideration in buying any new or used mountain bike is its suspension type. Haibike electric bicycles come in hardtail (front suspension only) or full-suspension models. Generally speaking, hardtail bikes tend to be more lightweight, and they require less suspension maintenance. However, if you ride over very rough terrain or simply want a more cushioned riding experience, a full-suspension bike will suit your needs.

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