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Hair Care & Styling Products as Mother's Day Gifts

You can express love to your mom every single day of the year, but Mother’s Day will be the perfect occasion to do so. This year, you can ditch the regular cute Mother’s Day cards and get your mom a gift that is functional. eBay has a range of hair care and styling products that make for great Mother’s Day gifts. From hair regrowth treatments to hair colors, there are plenty of options for you to explore. If your mom has curly hair, giving her a curl balm will the best Mother’s Day gift. You can choose a product depending on your mom’s hair type. Take your pick from brands like Reemehi, Redken, Conair, Paul Mitchell, and more.

What Effects Does Heat Have on Hair?

Heat from blow dryers, curling irons,straighteners, and curlers can leave hair dry and dull. This is due to the temporary breakdown of hydrogen bonds present in each strand. When you repeat these actions on a daily basis, more permanent damage takes place. To limit the consequences, only apply heat to hair when absolutely necessary.

Is Hair Color Safe?

Coloring hair is not the best practice to encourage the growth of healthy hair, but it is not quite as damaging as bleaching or perming hair. When applying color, the dye needs ammonia and peroxide in order to work and take hold. Both of these chemicals cause damage to hair follicles and the chemical makeup of natural hair. While allergic reactions to the dye are rare, they do happen, so it is wise to test hair dye on a patch of skin prior to applying it all over the scalp area.

What Products Are Most Harmful for Hair?

Both styling and products can have negative effects on hair, which is a protein fiber much like wool. By using heated tools to style and applying harsh products, you can alter the natural composition of your hair and cause gradual damage over time. Some common beauty practices are worse than others, including bleaching, perms,coloring, and blow drying. Even shampooing with the wrong product can cause damage. Try to stay away from ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate,sodium chloride, polyethelyne, parabens, and alcohol, which are potentially harmful ingredients present in some styling products.