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Hale Bob Dresses for Women

Hale Bob makes different styles of long sleeve, short sleeve, and maxi dresses for women. Bohemian fabrics and flowing lines define many silhouettes. Gathered waists, belting, and shift styles are all among the options available.

What types of long sleeve styles are available?

Long sleeve dresses come in a variety of different silhouettes. Some dresses are belted at the waist, while others are shift-style without a defined waist. Others are wrap dresses in fabric such as silk gathered in the middle to create an instantaneous hourglass silhouette. Shift dresses come with a tie closure at the neckline, or with a V-neck outlined in contrasting fabric. Some dresses flow, while others are more form-fitting. Fabrics range widely from solid, bold colors to busy floral and bohemian prints.

What kinds of short sleeve women’s dresses are available?

Short sleeve dresses come in a variety of different textiles, like velvet, sequins, and bold knits. Some short sleeve silhouettes are clingy and feature fabric draped at a horizontal angle across the body with a loosely fitting scoop neck. These designs of dresses hit above the knee. Other dresses have cutouts at the shoulders to show a little more skin. Hale Bob also includes tank dresses in the short section. Halters, spaghetti strap designs, and tank dresses are created to fit or flow depending on the particular design.

Which designs of maxi dresses by Hale Bob are available?

Long maxi dresses come in all different silhouettes. Some are sleeveless, while others have short or long sleeves. Many maxi dresses in this collection flow to the floor in a long skirt, while others feature deep slits for mobility and contrast. Materials like knits, velvet, sequined fabrics, and bohemian blends are utilized to craft this line of maxi-dresses. Some dresses are belted at the waist. Others use a drop waist silhouette to emphasize length of the torso and width of hips. Ruffles, iridescent fabric, and grommet detailing are just a few of the embellishments present in this line of dresses.

What are some signature features of Hale Bob women’s dresses?

Hale Bob clothing is inspired by a vintage, bohemian look. Patterns featuring mandalas, floral patterns, and abstract prints with lots of geometric details are common. Materials like velvet and transparent lace flow over other opaque fabrics. Long, flowing lines broken up by belts and gathered fabric are favorites among all sorts of dress silhouettes in this collection.

What sizes are Hale Bob dresses available in?

Sizing depends on the particular design. Most dresses are available in extra small through extra large. Consider that Hale Bob dress size may not be the same as your standard dress size due to the flowing lines and deconstructed nature of many of these garments.

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