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Hampton Bay Patio and Garden Furniture

The right patio furniture brings together an outdoor area as part of the home. Hampton Bay patio and garden furniture includes all-weather outdoor pieces in a variety of styles and sizes. This variety includes aluminum and wicker as well as different colors. Pieces can be bought as a set or individually.

Which features are Hampton Bay outdoor patio furniture known for?

  • Hampton Bay patio furniture glass: Many Hampton Bay patio ensembles feature glass. The glass tables can be maintained with standard glass-cleaning products.
  • Aluminum patio chairs: Hampton Bay tests their chairs in various weather conditions prior to making them available to customers. Hampton Bay includes aluminum chairs and aluminum artwork in their patio furniture line. Hampton Bay aluminum chairs are specifically designed for patio use as opposed to indoor use. Cushions can be added to aluminum patio chairs.
  • Hampton Bay aluminum frames: While many patio sofas and other furniture items are constructed of wicker, fabric, wood, and other materials, some of these options feature aluminum frames. Aluminum provides the furniture with a metal frame.

What features does a Hampton Bay patio chair have?

Hampton Bay chairs and dining sets are part of a larger collection of patio furniture with cushion, aluminum, and wicker elements. The company offers patio sets and cushion ensembles in various styles, many with glass, and soft patio cushions. Some additional patio furniture features include:

  • Swivel movements: Patio dining furniture with swivel features allow you to turn and face multiple directions without having to physically pick up the chair and place it in different directions. Hampton Bay makes a patio chair with swivel movement features. The chair fits with a patio set and cushion design. This furniture is available in aluminum or wicker.
  • Lounge functions: Hampton Bay makes an assortment of chairs that have a lounge function. The lounge function allows you to recline or lounge back in the chair so that youre partly or completely laying down.
  • Canopies: Some patio furniture have canopies built onto it or offered as an attachment. For instance, some patio tables have a hole in the center where you can attach a table umbrella while some chairs have a canopy suspended over them via an attached rod.

What is the weight limit for these patio chairs?

The maximum weight capacity for a Hampton Bay patio chair varies based on the specific chairs design as well as its specifications and features. Many patio chairs have a weight capacity of 300 pounds or more.

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