Hearing Aids

Help You or Someone You Love With Hearing Assistance Supplies

Hearing assistance supplies are manufactured for the hearing-impaired community. These items are also produced for those with conditions related to hearing loss. The type of supplies you can purchase on eBay include assistive technology devices and accessories.

What are the different types of hearing assistance products?

Common hearing accessories include:

  • Assistive technology devices: Technology products that are designed to amplify sound and to remove background noise are included in this category.
  • Power sources: These products include batteries and packs that are used to power the device. Battery cells are customized to fit these devices.
  • Other accessories: Cleaning and maintenance kits for these auditory devices include wax removal tools, vent cleaners, and brushes.
What are the different product styles and placement options?

The different styles and placement options for hearing assistance supplies include:

  • Behind the ear: These products are also known as BTE devices. Standard BTEs are anchored at the top and behind the ear. A tube or wire connects the receiver to an ear mold. They also come in different sizes and output levels.
  • In the canal: ITC devices can be further subcategorized into completely-in-the-canal and in-the-canal variants. These devices are molded into the shape of the ear canal, so the receiver can be discreetly placed. When inside the ear, the tool appears invisible compared to other types of auditory devices.
  • In the ear: ITE devices are bigger than the ITC. The size and placement make it more visible. ITEs are customized to fit the outer ear bowl.
How do you choose a product or accessory?

The following factors can be used when choosing a product or accessory:

  • Purpose: Product options range from devices that amplify sound to cleaning accessories to power sources or batteries. Some products provide the basic sound amplification requirements. There are also devices incorporated with tech features, including smart devices that can be connected to a smartphone.
  • Placement: Hearing devices offer different placement options for those who have mild to severe conditions. Some devices are small enough to be placed within the ear.
  • Price point: These devices and associated products come in different price ranges. The price point differs based on features and styles, and you can find affordable options that meet your needs on eBay.