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Heelys: the Stealth Skate Shoe

Heelys Stealth Skate Shoe

With Heelys, you can roller skate or walk at any time and in any place. Heelys are sneakers with wheels in the shoes that can be used simply by shifting weight to the heel. Called "stealth skates," they're like strap-on skates that no one knows you're wearing, until you start skating.

How do Heelys work?

The main attraction of Heelys is that they can easily be used both for walking and skating, without any added equipment. To transition from walking to skating, you lean on the heel of your back foot while your forward foot holds you in place, and then you push forward with the front foot when the wheel on the back foot is engaged.

To transition from skating to walking, you can shift your weight to the edge of one heel. To avoid wearing down the heels of the shoes, wearers can stop by placing the entire foot on the ground, but the force of the momentum will cause you to run a few steps until you can slow to a walk.

Heelys Stealth Grey Skate Shoe

With a little practice, you can transition from walking to skating in your women's wheel shoes by shifting your weight. Heelys provides written instructions with each pair of shoes, and instructional videos are available as well.Two-wheeled Heelys are also available, and the wheels in all Heelys are removable.

How did Heelys get started?

Roger Adams came up with the idea for Heelys in 1999 when he produced his DIY version by cutting open a pair of old Nike sneakers and inserting a skateboard wheel. After some tinkering, Adams patented his idea and started producing Heelys.

Heelys Stealth Black Skate Shoe

Are Heelys offered in a variety of styles?

Heelys produces shoes for men, women, girls, and boys in a variety of colors and styles. Most of the women's skate shoes are the same styles as those sold to men, but they do have a few roller shoes just for women. The general look of the shoe remains the same throughout the styling, with a rounded toe, thick sole, and solid, supportive body. Heelys has collaborated with other shoe brands, pop culture brands, and celebrities to produce some limited edition lines. Heelys are casual shoes, so if you want skate dress shoes, they may be difficult to find. Heelys generally have synthetic leather or canvas uppers and abrasion-resistant rubber soles.

Heelys Stealth Pink Skate Shoe

How do Heelys fit?

Heelys come in whole sizes only and in medium width. They run true to size to slightly small. If you are between sizes, go a size up. See the manufacturer's site for details.

Heelys Stealth Red Skate Shoe

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