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Hello Kitty Girls' Backpacks

Pack up school supplies for girls with a functional backpack featuring the well-known Sanrio character Hello Kitty. Choose from a variety of colors, prints, sizes, and patterns that are sure to appeal to the young. These Hello Kitty girls' backpacks feature haul loops for convenience and adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit.

Do these backpacks have a front pocket?

Most backpacks have a front pocket. Typically, backpacks have a pouch in the front with a tie or zippered closure, which allows for easy access to smaller items that could become lost at the bottom of the bag, including pencils, watercolor markers, and erasers. If the backpack is being used for travel, the pouch may be suitable for storing snacks, books, or small electronic devices.

Can backpacks be used for travel?

A backpack can be functional when used in place of a suitcase. There are also smaller backpacks intended to replace a traditional purse. If you plan on traveling by plane, you may want to inquire about the dimensions allowed for carry-on items. Some travelers find a backpack on wheels to be preferable to a backpack that must be carried.

What size backpacks are appropriate for children?

Backpacks are available in many sizes, including purses that look like a backpack. The size backpack you select would depend on the intended use and the size of the person who will be wearing the backpack. For example, a toddler or preschooler may enjoy having a backpack that is 8 by 10 inches. A child in elementary school may need a 15 or 16-inch bag to accommodate books, notebooks, and binders.

What’s the difference between a messenger bag and a backpack?

A backpack has two straps and is typically worn with both straps placed over the shoulders. The placement allows for the weight of the contents to be disbursed evenly across the back. A messenger bag, however, has one strap rather than two. A messenger bag is typically worn across the shoulder with the bag resting against the opposite hip.

What is the right fit for a backpack?

When the bag is used to carry heavier items back and forth to school, a good fit is essential. The straps of a backpack intended for school should be fairly wide and padded for comfort. The top of the backpack should sit an inch or two below the shoulders, with the bottom of the backpack resting on the small of the back. The backpack should help distribute the weight of the load evenly to reduce the amount of strain on the back and shoulders.

How should a Hello Kitty backpack be cleaned?

The method you use to clean the backpack will be determined by the fabric used to make the product. Most backpacks can be spot-cleaned with a damp sponge. Do not to submerge a backpack in water, as this can damage any protective coating that helps keep your child’s backpack weather-resistant.