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Use Parts and Accessories to Fix Herman Miller Furniture

The designers at Herman Miller primarily make office furniture, but they have also created some bedroom and living room designs. If your product has an issue, you do not have to get rid of it entirely. Replacement parts and accessories available on eBay will help you to repair or rebuild your item.

What types of parts does Herman Miller offer?

There are many types of parts that you can get for a piece of furniture from the company, including:

  • Casters - These small wheels come in both carpet and hard floor options.
  • Armpads - Armpads provide cushioning on sofa or chair arms.
  • Lumbar support - This piece can be attached to the back of some chair designs.
  • Adjustment pieces - These are various levers and back supports that adjust the position of a chair back.
When should you buy used replacement parts?

Most people go with a brand-new replacement when fixing an item, but this is not always an option. When you are trying to fix one of the company's more historical pieces, you may find that they are no longer manufacturing pieces for it. In this case, you will need to get a used part. Many of these can be found in this eBay category.

What products require Herman Miller parts?

The company produces many signature brands of furnishings, so you might need one of their parts if you use one of these items:

  • The Equa - The Equa has a low profile and light cushioning.
  • The Aeron - This office desk chair has a lot of lumbar support and a mesh construction.
  • The Eames lounge chair - The Eames ottoman and armchair has a leather cushion on top of a molded wood shell and a swivel base.
  • The Noguchi table - This modernist table has a vaguely triangular glass top balanced on curved legs of wood.
  • The Nelson Marshmallow sofa - This sofa has round cushions of bright colors arranged on a metal frame.
Are parts for Herman Miller items produced by the company?

It is possible for a part to be compatible with a product without being created by the original company. Original equipment manufacturer parts may cost a little more, but they are more likely to replace the broken piece of your item without having any issues. You can check the seller's details or look on the manufacturer's site to see if the item was made by Herman Miller or not.