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Huawei Cell Phone Wallet Cases

Use Huawei Phone Cases to Store Your Huawei Phone and Other Belongings

Being able to store your phone, cash, and credit cards all in one convenient wallet case lets you protect your phone while organizing your other essentials. Huawei creates helpful wallet cases that come in plenty of colors and finishes.

How do you install your phone in the case?

The Huawei wallet case for Huawei cell phones are made to fit standard phone sizes. Once you pick the right case for your type of phone, all you have to do is line your device up with the camera holes and charging port areas on the case. It is designed to snap firmly into the cover, and the shape of the wallet case will hold it in place.

What materials are used for Huawei phone cases?

Huawei phone cases may use the following materials in their designs:

  • Fabric: Fabric may be used to cover the exterior of the phone case, and it also occurs along the interior lining.
  • Leather: Leather finishes include plain leather, suede leather, and embossed or textured leather.
  • Plastic: These covers have a smooth texture and firm feel. They may be printed with colorful designs.
  • Metal: Metal is used for both closures and embellishments on the cases.
What features are available on these phone cases?

Depending on the type of cover you select, it may have these helpful features:

  • Kickstand: A kickstand allows you to open the cover and prop open the phone at an angle.
  • Card holders: Cases may have between two to four slots for holding standard-sized credit cards and licenses.
  • Money slot: A slot on the side can hold larger bills.
  • Clear card window: This is a clear window where you can secure an identification card without obscuring the face.
  • Magnetic closure: A case with a magnetic closure will use magnets to secure the clasp on the outside of the case.
  • Wrist strap: Designs with this feature have a small strap that you can loop around your wrist to keep your hands free.
What colors does Huawei make their phone cases in?

When shopping for a case, you can choose from many types of colors, including:

  • Neutrals: Neutral phone cases come in shades like black, gray, white, brown, and navy.
  • Brights: Bright shades of pink, aqua, purple, red, orange, and green are also available.
  • Pastels: For a softer look that does not involve neutrals, customers can choose pale shades of pink, blue, white, and lavender.
  • Metallics: Silver, gold, and rose gold hues have a shiny, metallic finish.
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