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Isotoner Slippers for Men

Isotoner slippers for men come with several different lining options, including fleece, memory foam, and microfiber fabric. Options for stylings vary, with some of the available options having laces and material behind the heel while others have no laces with no heel support. Isotoner offers men’s slippers in both single color and multi-color options.

What are some of the colors that are available?

Some of the colors that Isotoner slippers for men are available in include black, light brown, dark brown, white, and light blue. Slippers such as the Isotoner men's gel-infused moccasins and microsuede moccasins are available in dark brown. The Isotoner microsuede men's slipper is also available in a light brown option. This light brown style also features a black sole. Isotoner boat slip-ons come in black, blue, and brown. Isotoner slip-on styles without a heel backing, such as the Microterry clog, do not contain multiple colors. Some available colors for these styles are blue, brown, and black.

What are some of the styles offered?

There are several Isotoner men's offerings in the moccasin style which come equipped with both a heel cap and laces in which there is a heel cap. Not all moccasins have these however. Isotoner men's microsuede and stretch faux moccasins both feature a heel cap as well as laces. In addition to options with heel caps and laces, there are slip-on men's styles with no heel cap. Microsuede and microterry clogs from Isotoner do not feature heel caps or laces. Boat-style options feature lacing and heel caps. Certain moccasins do not feature lacing on the front side. For example, the microsuede moccasins with a braid feature a heel cap without lacing on the front side. Whether or not a certain moccasin style has lacing varies on an individualized basis

What colors are the interiors?

In the case of many of the styles, the interior is simply the same color as the exterior. In other cases, the interior may be a different color. In several of the Isotoner men's product offerings, such as the memory foam moccasins, the interior is a white color while the exterior is black or brown. Microsuede moccasins also feature white interiors. The interior color of the slipper can be seen along the edges of many of Isotoner's slippers for men. Isotoner product interior colors may differ from exterior colors in many of the different styles available, including the moccasin, clog, and slip-on styles.

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