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Key hiders are useful items to keep your house safe and secure, and they come in a multitude of styles. Why hide a spare key under your door mat when you can have a more concealable hiding place? An effective security plan to protect your family and valuable possessions includes a lock box to hide spare keys or a key holder that looks like a real rock.

What is a key hider?

Key hiders are made to keep a spare key safe from unwanted use. You can hide important keys in a programmable box on your front door, or camouflage them in a nearby hiding place. You will then always have an extra hidden away just in case you lock yourself out of your house or car. There are different types to consider.

  • Locked box: A key hider with programmable codes can be attached on or near your door to keep your house safe.
  • Rock key hiders: Fake rocks are simply a low-tech way to keep keys hidden. They are hollow inside for easy key hiding, protection, and access. Since they blend into the surrounding environment, they've long been used as a simple method to hide keys.
  • Magnetic: This style is magnetized so you can hide your keys anywhere that a magnet sticks, such as a car or boat. Some magnet styles can also lock.
  • Waterproof styles: They are handy for hiding keys in your garden or anywhere outdoors.
What are hide-a-keys used for?
  • Real estate security lock boxes
  • To keep keys away from children, or make keys available for latchkey kids.
  • To keep a spare car key in case your keys are accidentally locked inside.
  • To allow trusted delivery people to drop packages inside your house.
  • To permit service personnel to enter the house or yard with a code you set.
Where are some effective places to hide a spare key?
  • Place a spare in a waterproof key hider that looks like a sprinkler head. Hide it in the lawn near the door.
  • Hide a set in a working thermometer key holder.
  • Key lock boxes come in styles that can be locked to a doorknob or secured to a wall or entryway. Magnetized lock boxes are another option.
  • Hide a spare key inside a magnetic key holder and place it underneath your car.
  • Use magnetic key hiders to hide a spare key in unexpected places, such as behind a garage appliance or under a patio chair.