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Kichler Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Outdoor lighting can make your approach to the entrance of your house or other building easy and safe at night. This type of lighting will also allow you to make use of your garden and deck even when the sun has already gone down. Kichler offers a variety of outdoor lighting options for your home.

What types of outdoor lighting are available from Kichler?

There are five main types of lighting offered by Kichler. Outdoor lighting options include:

  • Wall lights: Kichler wall lighting is designed to be installed on outdoor walls. It can be used to illuminate pathways, steps, stairways, and walkways.
  • Step lights: These can be installed in outdoor stairs to illuminate stairways.
  • Landscape lighting: This type of lighting from Kichler is meant to illuminate a building's architectural features, outdoor living spaces, and gardens.
  • Post lights: These lights are installed on posts, keeping them off the ground. The posts can be installed anywhere outdoors. They can be placed along driveways or other large areas that need more light or can be used to add decoration to outdoor landscaping.
  • Ceiling outdoor lighting: Ceiling-mount lights and pendant lights from Kichler can be used to illuminate a porch or other covered structure.
  • Flood lights: These Kichler lights are designed to flood large areas with light. Kichler offers LED flood lights, which provide bright, white light that does not get hot.
What should be considered when installing outdoor lighting?

When you are choosing lights for your outdoor space, consider these variables:

  • Intensity: There are lighting options which are "Dark Sky Friendly" with IDA's Fixture Seal of Approval. These lights are required to be fully shielded and to minimize the amount of blue light in the nighttime environment.
  • LED: LED stands for light-emitting diodes. These lights do not burn out, but they do slowly dim over time. LED lights are Energy Star Certified.
  • Size: This factor will depend on the size of the area you are trying to illuminate.
  • Finish: Lighting fixtures from Kichler come in all different types of finishes.
  • Style In addition to finishes, Kichler offers different styles of lighting. These include contemporary LED pendants, caged lanterns, and square light posts..
What kinds of accessories can be found for Kichler lighting?

Some of the available accessories for Kichler outdoor lighting are lamp shades and chains. If needed, you can also purchase mounting accessories and stem segments as well as decorative lights.