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Stay Comfortable in a Pair of Kiton Men's Jeans

Kiton produces luxury ready-to-wear men's jeans and other garments. You can find new and used Kiton men's jeans in a variety of styles and sizes for sale on eBay. Getting to know some of the styles Kiton offers and how you can choose them will help you find a pair that suits your preferences or needs.

Style options for Kiton jeans

Kiton makes jeans for men in a few styles to suit different tastes. You can browse through eBay's entire selection or choose the style of jeans that you prefer. Some common options you can choose from eBay are:

  • Standard - Classic Kiton jeans have the standard straight leg and pockets in the front and rear. You can also add a belt to these jeans. These jeans can be a great choice for casual wear around town or in the house.
  • Cargo - Kiton jeans in the cargo style have similar pockets to the classic version. However, they may feature additional, larger pockets on the sides of the legs or loops through which you can hang tools. You may want to choose this option if you work outdoors in jeans regularly.
What features do Kiton jeans have?

The exact features you will get with your Kiton jeans will depend on the model or style of garment that you choose. However, many jeans from this company share some basic features. You can also browse through features that may appear on particular styles of jeans to see which ones suit your needs.

  • Tapered - Most styles of jeans use a straight design in their construction. However, any style of Kiton jeans may have variations that include a taper. A taper will make the leg of the jeans narrower as it reaches the bottom edge.
  • Button fly - Many of Kiton's pants use the button fly method of closure. You may find models that use several buttons or a combination of one snap and a zipper.
  • Rise - The rise tells you how high up the jeans might ride on your waist.
Choosing a fit for your Kiton jeans

After you decide on the size of jeans that works for you, you may wish to choose a pair based on the fit. All fits are useful, and the one that works for you will depend on your preferences or body type. A casual or loose fit will not hug your figure as closely as a skinny fit pair of jeans. You can also choose a standard fit for jeans that are not form-hugging or free-flowing.

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