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Maximize Your Home Audio Setup With a Krell Preamp

Krell preamps give you the power to amplify or attenuate overall volume and harmonics. Preamps raise the quality of your speaker sound with high-quality speakers and a custom array of your choice. When you need to boost your audio, consider new or used Krell home audio amplifiers and preamps on eBay.

What is a preamp?

A preamp preserves and transports the audio signal between two points over longer distances, preventing degradation and sonic deterioration. Sonic deterioration registers as noise via the speaker without a preamp or amplifier. Plus, separate Krell preamps let you experiment with component combinations, such as crossover combinations, tubes, and speakers of your choice for optimal sound fidelity.

How do you connect these with speakers and other systems?

Krell preamps, like all audio components, contain universal ports boasting universal connectivity. Purchase the appropriate wires and jacks to connect any Krell preamp with whatever additional amplifiers, receivers, tuners, and speakers you choose. Common audio wires and jacks include:

  • RCA Stereo L/R: The standard-colored jacks resemble large headphone jacks.
  • RCA Digital Coaxial: Usually a black cord with a silver or gold jack that screws/inserts into an input.
  • Raw Cable: Speaker wire that looks cut and spliced. These come with protruding copper strands you insert into an output or input.
  • Banana Jacks: A jack that resembles RCA stereo, but it has a slightly different pin shape.
  • Preamp and XLR: These two are less common, but they're universal and compatible with domestic and foreign brands.
Do these Krell preamps come with wires and jacks?

It depends on the condition of the preamp at the time of the transaction. The eBay marketplace is quite vast, with many gently used, manufacturer refurbished, and new Krell preamps. Preamps in any of these conditions may include the compatible wires and jacks. Preamp wires and jacks are universal, and you can buy new ones on eBay.

How many preamp channels do you need?

Krell preamp channels correspond to the number of speakers you use in your setup. Most home audio systems and independent audio components are geared toward theater setups or multi-channel audio configurations. Krell preamp channels range from one to seven in addition to 5.1 and 7.1 channel options. The one- to seven-channel options have no hard and fast rules about speaker types you can use. With 5.1 and 7.1 channel preamps, the implied setup is usually five stereo speakers and a single subwoofer or seven stereo speakers and a single subwoofer. Some of the stereo speakers in either setup can be two- or three-way.

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