Lga 771/Socket J Xeon CPUs de Computador/Processadores

Expand Server Capabilities with an Intel Xeon LGA 771 Socket Processor

LGA 771, also known as Socket J, provides a physical and electronic connection between the processor and the motherboard. The name of the socket derives from the fact that it has 771 contact points on its surface. These particular Xeon microprocessors will help you expand the processing power of your servers or workstations.

What type of motherboard is compatible with LGA 771 processors?

The 771 Intel Xeon microprocessors are generally only compatible with the same type of 771 socket on the motherboard. However, a 771 CPU can be installed on a 775 motherboard with the use of an adapter, assuming the BIOS supports it. If you are upgrading or changing your CPU, then you need to make sure the socket is compatible with your motherboard.

Which Xeon processors have a 771 socket?

The 771 covers a large range of different Xeon microprocessors, each of which has different specifications and features. There are seven different types of Intel Xeon processor lines with this socket: the Dempsey, Woodcrest, Wolfdale-CL, Wolfdale-DP, Yorkfield-CL, Clovertown, and Harpertown. Each line may contain only a few or possibly dozens of different models. Here are the factors you should consider in each Xeon:

  • Number of cores: Most 771 Xeon processors have two or four cores, increasing their capacity to perform work in parallel. Each core will run at a specific clock speed, measured in hertz.
  • Fabrication process: This describes the size of the components on the chip. It is measured in nanometers. As the fabrication process shrinks, more components can fit on the chip, and the components are closer together. This generally improves performance.
  • CPU cache: The cache is a small pool of memory embedded on the CPU. Because of its proximity to the main processor, the cache speeds up operations. When processing data, the CPU will first attempt to access both the L1 and L2 cache, or level one and level two, before accessing the main system RAM.
  • Thermal design power: This measures the CPUs capacity to dissipate heat in watts. This is not the maximum amount of heat it can handle, but the maximum amount under normal circumstances.
  • Uniprocessor vs. Dual-processor: The dual-processor CPUs can be combined together to create multiple processors in a single computer.

What are some features of LGA 771 processors?

The Intel Xeon family tends to share the following features in common:

  • Demand-based switching: This technology saves power by operating at a minimum clock speed and voltage until more power is required. It is only available in certain models of Dempsey, Wolfdale-DP, Clovertown, and Harpertown Xeon CPUs.
  • Enhanced SpeedStep Technology: This is another method of managing power and resources. It is only available in Woodcrest, Wolfdale-CP, Wolfdale-DP, Yorkfield-CL, and Clovertown Xeon CPUs.
  • XD Bit: This prevents dangerous code from promulgating through a network or system.
  • Virtualization: This allows you to create multiple virtual systems that share the CPUs resources.

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