La Marzocco Commercial máquinas de café expresso e Cappuccino

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Choosing the Right Commercial La Marzocco Espresso Machine

You can use commercial-grade espresso makers in coffee houses, restaurants, upscale bakeries, and other fine establishments. Boasting features such as dual boilers, PID temperature control, and specialized pumps, La Marzocco hot beverage makers offer efficiency and high volume. Your baristas will appreciate La Marzocco's design and functionality, and your customers will appreciate great-tasting brew.

What are some different La Marzocco commercial-grade espresso makers?

A respected maker of quality grinders and other professional-grade coffee equipment, La Marzocco produces several large-capacity machines that are appropriate for use in high-volume restaurant and catering environments. eBay has a variety of used La Marzocco espresso makers in great conditions and a wide price range. Designed specifically for quicker and larger output, the following models are suitable for use in eateries, coffee bars, cafes, and at large catered events.

  • Strada EE, Strada EP and Strada MP
  • GB/5 and FB/80
  • Linea PB and Linea Classic
  • Leva
What are some features of commercial-grade La Marzocco espresso machines?

The company's professional-grade equipment is specially designed for use in high-volume settings. Along with advanced PID functionality and large, easy-to-fill water reservoirs, look for the following features when considering different commercial models for your restaurant, caf_x001A_, or coffee bar. For information about specific models and their features, see the manufacturer's website.

  • Dual boilers: Some models have two separate boilers. Double boilers allow you to achieve optimal temperature for multiple coffees simultaneously.
  • Preheating system: Machines with a preheating system warm up the water before it enters the coffee boiler, which boosts efficiency and speeds output.
  • Internal volumetric pump: Quality internal pumps help ensure reliable pressure for better, more consistent volume control.
  • Adjustable deep drip tray: Large, adjustable drip trays accommodate a range of cup sizes. A larger tray also minimizes the need for frequent emptying, freeing your staff to focus on your customers.
  • Stainless steel construction: Rugged stainless steel construction contributes to the quality, durability, and rust resistance of the machine's interior and exterior surfaces.
What type of display do La Marzocco machines have?

Different models have different display types. For maximum ease in adjusting parameters, the Strada machines have an LCD display with a jog wheel. The GB/5, FB/80, and Linea PB have an LCD display with buttons. The Linea Classic has standard manual buttons. Consult the manufacturer's site for further details about display options.

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