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Lands' End Shoes for Women

Lands' End has been around for more than 50 years. Originally a merchant of sailing equipment, its product lines have expanded to include clothing and home decor as well as footwear for men, women, and children. Lands' End is well-known for their clothing, and women's shoes have become an important part of their inventory.

What types of Lands' End shoes are available for women?

Lands' End makes many different styles:

  • Boots - This category includes women's winter and dress boots. Both of these come in all sizes, but they are usually black or brown. Some of Lands' End's dress boots, however, are available in a variety of colors.
  • Casual - These are for everyday wear. This category of Lands' End shoes includes canvas, slip-on, and boat shoes that are available in many colors and patterns.
  • Dress - These are more formal for various business or social occasions. Lands' End makes these with or without a heel, in a wide array of colors, patterns, and finishes.
  • Athletic/water - Running, hiking, and water shoes fall under this Lands' End shoe category. They come in several colors, including blue and lime green.
  • Sandals - Sandals are usually worn during warmer weather, although it is possible to wear them year-round, weather permitting. Lands' End has several casual options that come in bright colors, as well as dressier sandals available in neutral colors.
How do Lands' End shoes fit?

It depends on the style. Some styles, like the slipper and dress shoe, tend to run small. Others, like the casual and athletic shoe, tend to run a little large. Be sure to measure your foot with a foot measuring device if you don't know your size and order a half-size larger or their wide width style if you have wider feet.

What should you look for when buying Lands' End shoes?

Here are a few tips for buying shoes from Lands' End:

  • Measure both feet before buying new shoes. Often, one foot will be bigger than the other, so make sure to buy footwear to fit the larger foot.
  • Tracing around your foot will help you find a shoe that is shaped properly so as not to pinch or squeeze your foot uncomfortably.
  • Be sure to follow Lands' End's sizing guide when you select shoes.
  • As with any other shoe, it is important to look for a Lands' End shoe that is comfortable and supportive.
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