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Lip Liner

Lip liners are products that are used to line the lips and create a base for lip makeup. These products not only add definition, but they also keep lip color in place and make it last longer. These cosmetic products come in a variety of colors and forms.

What is lip liner made of?

  • Lip liners are made from a combination of pigments, waxes, and oils.
  • While lipsticks are also made from the same or similar ingredients, lip liners have a firmer consistency.

What is a lip pencil used for?

  • The formula in pencils can make your other lip makeup, such as gloss or products, look more opaque or help it last longer.
  • A lip pencil can also be used to make uneven lip lines appear symmetrical or make thin lips appear fuller.
  • Pencils can also be used to prevent the products from bleeding outside the lip line. This phenomenon is known as feathering, which is caused by other pigmented products moving into the natural fine lines around the lips.

What color lip liner should you use?

Choosing the right color and hue can have a major impact on the wearer's appearance.

  • The shade of the liner should match the color of the lipstick. However, it does not need to be an exact match.
  • If a shade match cannot be found, the product should be one to two shades lighter than the lipstick. Both products should still belong to the same color family.
  • Those who wish to purchase only one liner should choose a shade that matches or is close to their natural lip color.

How do you put on lip liner?

  • Lip preparation: The lips should be properly hydrated with a balm or moisturizer before applying liners. Make sure to blot with a tissue to remove excess moisture.
  • Draw the cupid bow: Starting at the bow, or the center of the top lip, softly draw in a shape that works with the desired look. The shape can be drawn naturally or be exaggerated depending on the type of look a person is going for.
  • Outline the lips: Using soft, short strokes, line the sides of the upper and lower lip with the pencil. Avoid drawing a hard line.
  • Fill: Using the same pencil, lightly fill in the lips to create a base for other products.
  • Apply lip color: Apply gloss or lipstick over the liner to create a full, opaque look.

Can you use lip liner as a lipstick?

Because these cosmetic products are made from the same ingredients as lipsticks, they can be used on their own. In fact, some prefer to use liners due to their finish and the large range of available colors.

  • Finish: These types of products are generally matte, so those who are looking for a matte color could use them as an alternative to other lipsticks.
  • Variety: Many brands offer a variety of products from nudes to purples, blues, greens, and metallic colors.