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Control Your Computer with Logitech Wired Mice

A high-quality Logitech wired optical mouse offers computer owners a range of different features and control benefits. These wired optical units hook up to a computer in a variety of ways and can be used in multiple computer models. Understanding how these wired optical mice work provides you with the ability to choose one that offers you the most benefits and works for your needs.

What types of features are available on these wired optical mice?

When choosing which wired mouse to buy for your computer, there are many features to consider. Some of these include the following:

  • Adjustable DPI Adjusting the DPI on your mouse provides you with different levels of control precision.
  • Ergonomic grip An ergonomic grip provides a safer mouse that wont wear your hand out during the day.
  • LED lighting These lights turn on when your mouse is in use and tell you when it is hooked up to your USB port or any other control unit.
  • Programmable buttons Take a few minutes out of the day to program your mouse buttons to manage a variety of different functions.
  • Scroll wheel The scroll wheel on a wired mouse lets you move through pages on the internet or word processors without having to click on a scroll button.
What levels of interface do these mice offer?

The variety of interfaces available on these mice offers users many different control possibilities. For example, you can plug them in using a USB port or a serial RS-232 port. A USB port is typical on most types of computers and uses the USB connection to sync the mouse up to the computer.

Beyond a USB interface, you can also hook up these mice using Bluetooth, infrared, and PS/2 ports. These are different than a USB mouse because they can hook up to the computer wirelessly. However, wired mice with a USB port offer many of the same benefits and are usually compatible with most types of Windows operating systems.

Do these mice differ depending on their intended use?

These mice will vary depending on how you utilize them. For example, a gaming mouse has a variety of buttons that make it easier to manage complex gaming situations. A standard mouse is one that has two mouse buttons and a scroll wheel.

The mini-mouse is a smaller type that is more compact for traveling situations. They all operate using the same wired control method, though the connection types may vary depending on the model purchased and used.

What tracking methods are available on these mice?

Tracking methods vary on these mice as they include 3D, laser, and mechanical tracking. Laser tracking uses a small light to indicate the direction your mouse moves while 3D mice take into account a variety of three-dimensional movements. Mechanical mice use a small trackball to gauge movement.

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