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Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Louis Vuitton was crafting trunks for passengers on horse-drawn carriages, boats and trains at age 16, giving the craftsman a background in what would become one of the most well-known luxury handbag brands available.

The Storied History of Louis Vuitton: Steamer Trunks to Sneakers

Vuitton started his trunk-making apprenticeship in 1837 and eventually launched his own workshop in Paris in the 1850s with a Vuitton-designed steamer trunk debuting near the end of the decade. His initial design — first done in grey canvas — featured a new, flat and waterproof option that came stackable. The workshop and brand continued to grow. The 1886 creation from son Georges Vuitton of a lock system for the trunks, a system still used by the brand today, propelled the brand forward. For over 100 years, the Louis Vuitton brand has brought hand-painted patterns to the side of its luggage and bags. The famed LV monogram was developed in 1896, just four years after Louis's passing.

Louis Vuitton Sneakers

As the 1900s wore on, the Louis Vuitton brand passed to grandson Gaston-Louis Vuitton and added handbag designs — the famed Keepall, Speedy and Noe all came between 1930 and 1932 — and leather was included in the mix. Gaston-Louis's son-in-law Henry Racamier took the helm in 1970 and expanded its retail footprint, eventually creating the LVMH luxury brand by merging with Moet et Chandon and Hennessy.

The key fashion moves for Louis Vuitton began in the 1990s when Marc Jacobs was appointed the first creative director in 1997, opening the door for menswear and sneakers. Women's shoes kicked off the footwear segment of Louis Vuitton in 1998. Then, in 2007, the menswear line took off, including sneakers. Vuitton continued to manufacture its shoes outside of Venice, Italy. When Virgil Abloh was named the new artistic director of menswear in 2018, it broadened the brand's sneaker repertoire.

Key Louis Vuitton Collaborations

Not that Louis Vuitton needs to collaborate to get folks to notice the brand, but a 2009 Kanye West collab offered up both the Jaspers and Dons sneakers. From there, a Supreme collaboration in 2017 propelled the Run Away model.

Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Louis Vuitton's Most Popular Styles

The sneaker staples of Louis Vuitton bring a new perspective to classic shapes and designs, whether a basketball-inspired LV 408 Trainer, a trail-ready hiking design, a Run Away model reminiscent of a classic running shoe or even a Louis Vuitton take on skate.

  • The Archlight from Louis Vuitton stands as one of the brand's most unique silhouettes, using a curved sole for a singular shape. With detailing taken from '90s basketball, the shoe got released in early 2018 and had a retail price of over $1,000.

  • The Run Away from 2014 has stood the test of time for Louis Vuitton. It's still one of the brand's most sought-after designs as it continues to gain new release styles with fresh materials.

  • A key offering from Louis Vuitton comes in the form of the LV Trainer. The highly stylized take on a classic athletic silhouette continues to roll out a bevy of fresh colorways and designs with new approaches every season.

  • The LV 408 Trainer, a 2019 release with a retail price of $1,600, created a stir in luxury sneakers. With a design not unlike the 1990s Avia 880, this is a Vuitton take on luxury basketball. According to the brand, it takes six hours to create each pair by hand.

Louis Vuitton Sneakers
  • The Zig Zag skate design from 2019 brought Louis Vuitton to a streetwear demographic that had long known the brand but hadn't yet adopted its sneaker styling. The Zig Zag includes a distinct overlay on the upper.

  • The updated LV Ollie still has that skate style, but in a more classic, subdued silhouette, even if the sidewalls continue to play up graphics and patterns.

  • The LV Hiking Ankle Boot moves the brand into the outdoors with a colorful adaptation on hiking footwear.

  • Taking a futuristic approach, Abloh included an LV Trail 2054 sneaker as part of a larger accessories collection. This shoe features calf leather, nylon textile and a mix of technical rubber on the outsole with details like a reflective Vuitton signature on the side.

Louis Vuitton Sneakers: Collectibility and Value

The Kanye West collaborations from 2009 lead the value list for Louis Vuitton sneakers, with the Jaspers sneaker selling for as much as $9,000 on the resale market and the Dons upward of $6,000. The Supreme model can push over $1,000 and expect to spend up to $2,500 for the most popular LV Trainers.

Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Louis Vuitton in Popular Culture

Sneakerheads and luxury fans clamoring for Louis Vuitton sneakers offer a fresh approach to high-end collections. A long list of celebrities has long turned to the brand, including Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Sean Connery, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Bono, Keith Richards, Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. The brand has also grown in streetwear culture, mainly in New York, thanks to the likes of Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J and Public Enemy.

Louis Vuitton Sneakers