MEGA Bloks Building Toys

Mega Bloks

Created and manufactured by Mega Brands, Incorporated, Mega Bloks is a plastic construction toy designed for young children. In addition to its basic building blocks, the company has developed numerous themed sets. Award-winning Mega Bloks sets are praised for promoting free, imaginative play and enhancing creativity in small kids.

What ages are Mega Bloks toys appropriate for?

The classic bagged set of 80 Mega Bloks is suitable for children ages 1 to 5. Specialty sets are labeled according to age appropriateness. There are Mega Bloks sets suitable for children up to age 6. Mega Brands other major toy line, Mega Construx, includes theme sets suitable for children ages 8 and up. Sets for kids 8 and older include the Halo, American Girl, Star Trek, Welliewishers, and Barbie sets.

What is included in the basic Mega Bloks bagged set?

The Mega Bloks First Builders set includes 80 basic building blocks in bright primary colors. Mega Bloks in the basic set are just right for preschool-aged children. The set of 80 comes packaged in a single PVC-free bag, which can be used for ongoing storage. The bag zips closed to keep toys secure, and it has a soft, easy-grip handle for convenient carrying. The First Builders set has a number of special shapes that add visual interest to your childs creations.

Are Mega Bloks easy to clean?

Mega Bloks are made of durable plastic, so they can take a beating from active kids. Though over time, your blocks might begin to show signs of use. It is remarkably easy to remove dirt and grime from Mega Bloks surfaces. Any of the following three methods can be used to clean and sanitize even large batches of blocks.

  • Sink or bathtub method: Fill a sink or bathtub with warm water and a mild detergent. Add Mega Bloks, and allow to soak. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away particularly stubborn spots. To disinfect blocks, add a small amount of liquid bleach to the water. Rinse well after soaking, and allow blocks to air dry.
  • Dishwasher method: Place Mega Bloks in a mesh bag and place on the top rack of your dishwasher. When the dish cycle is complete, remove pieces, and spread them on a towel. Allow pieces to air dry completely, and then store.
  • Washing machine method: Put Mega Bloks in a mesh bag that closes securely. Place the bag in your washing machine, and wash in warm or hot water. Spread the pieces on a towel, and allow them to air dry completely before storing.