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Marlin Gun Parts

Marlin Gun Parts

For more than 140 years, hunters and shooters have relied on Marlin Guns for innovative lever guns. They specialize in building strong rifles such as the Bolt Action Rimfire 22s or the Model 60 series and parts from quality materials and expert craftsmanship. If you are repairing or customizing your firearm, look no further than Marlin gun parts.

What are the main parts of a Marlin firearm?

If you own or shoot Marlin firearms, you should have an understanding of their parts and how they function. While guns can vary, they do share several characteristics. The action, stock, and barrel are the three parts or groups of parts of every firearm. Each has its own job to do in making the gun fire successfully.

  • Action - Here is where all of the moving parts of the gun are. In essence, it is where the action happens. All of the parts that load, fire, and eject the shells or cartridges can be found here.
  • Stock - Also known as the handle of a gun, the stock has two pieces: the butt and the forend.
  • Barrel - The barrel is the long metal tube where the bullet travels out of the gun. Once the bullet is fired, it then is pushed by the expanding gas forces down the barrel and through the muzzle.
What Marlin gun parts are available to purchase?

The Marlin brand offers numerous quality parts to match their firearms. Here are just a few of their offerings:

  • Marlin 1895 loop lever - This oval loop is made for someone with large hands or who will be operating his gun while wearing gloves. For durability, it is thicker at its stress points and heat-treated. This piece protects your knuckles from the lever yet still allows for fast cycling.
  • Marlin 60 Fiberforce Stock Monte Carlo - This model 60 stock will help you shoot and will also make your gun look better. It is lightweight and easy to carry in the field at only 26 ounces. Easy sling attachment is possible due to two sling swivel studs that are built into the stock. The matte black finish is also scratch-resistant and weatherproof. DuPont’s extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer is used to craft this stock that fits the Marlin models 60, 75, 990, and others, and includes the tube or detachable mag models like .22LR.
  • Marlin 336 Ace in the Hole Sight Set - This sight and scope rail is good to keep as a backup for your primary sight tool. It features a Picatinny scope rail and a steel fiber optic front sight. It is also CNC-machined with aluminum.
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