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A Guide to Medium Format Film Cameras

For years, medium format cameras had been the traditional photographic equipment favored among professional photographers around the world. Due to lens sharpness and the color details captured on film larger than 35 millimeters, prints can be enlarged without much loss to their detail. Also, the use of a larger SLR lens is needed to compensate for the broader view of the frame.

How are medium format film cameras built?

A unique feature shared by all medium format cameras is their build. Rather than having a full-frame body, the camera is built to use components that can be substituted such as a viewfinder, focus system, meter, and an interchangeable digital back that can be changed during photography shoots. Medium format sizes vary from 2.5 times to 4 times larger than that of the 24 by 36 millimeter film frame of the 35 millimeter.

How do you select a medium format film camera?

If youre not sure of the kind of medium format film camera you want, eBay offers new and used cameras grouped into different categories. These categories can make your selection easier. They are:

  • Brand: There are many brands to choose from. Options include Canon, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Leica, Mamiya, Nikon, Olympus, and PENTAX.
  • Format: Choices are 35 millimeter, 6 x 4.5 centimeter, 6 x 6 centimeter, 6 x 7 centimeter, and 6 x 9 centimeter.
  • Condition: Pre-owned and refurbished options are available.

What is medium format film?

Medium format film can be enlarged with little loss in image quality so that you can make huge gallery-size prints. Also, the large negative is able to simulate the way our eyes see by reproducing and retaining more information in its emulsion.All medium format cameras support a 120 roll. This film is protected by a wider backing paper and held on a plastic spool. The backing paper is labeled with the standard image formats of 6 by 4.5, 6 by 6, and 6 by 9. Medium format also comes in 220, doubling the negative size and exposure. Below are the frame sizes for the 120:

  • 6 by 6.45: 15 to 16 exposures
  • 6 by 6: 12 to 13 exposures
  • 6 by 9: Eight exposures

What is a Hasselblad camera?

The Hasselblad is a medium format camera that has reigned as a leading brand in photography since its production for civilian use in 1948. Most cameras were designed for 6 by 6 and captured incredible images during the day and bright light. Diverse lines included built-in leaf shutters and focal plane shutters. All the accessories are compatible with different models. Other features include their durability, compatibility, and lenses. With the demand for digital cameras, production of the V System and the 503CW ended in 2013. However, accessories and parts are still available to service longtime customers. Victor Hasselblad based his company in Gothenburg, Sweden, where production continues.