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What Is 3.5-inch Floppy Disk Operating System Software?

Back in the days of PCs that used floppy disks and diskettes instead of CD and DVD-ROMs to install applications and operating systems, Microsoft offered a variety of different OS types to meet each specific need. When youre working on an older machine and want to change or update the software, all you need to do is slip a disk into the floppy drive to enjoy new features.

What Are Some Available OS Types and Their Features?

There are more than a few options when it comes to choosing your computers OS, with some specific versions of the software that you may want to consider for your system.

  • MS-DOS 6.22 offers software on the type of format that installs via your floppy disk drive. With this OS, youll need 3.87 MB of free storage space to install the software via floppy disks. It was used frequently with IBM computers in the 1980s, with features including protection against data corruption, disk compression for additional space, and ScanDisk, a feature that detects any errors or problems in your OS.
  • Windows 95 uses a completely different interface than DOS, called GUI. This enhanced and updated OS offered users 32-bit architecture, the very first taskbar, and the introduction of the Start menu. This floppy disk required 50 to 55 MB of storage space to install properly.
  • Windows for Workgroups also had the distinction of offering 32-bit code for networking. The software comes on 3.5-inch floppy disks and is compatible with a floppy-drive format. Other features include protected-mode networking and added utilities from previous versions of these floppy disks.

How Do You Select an OS?

There are a few considerations to keep in mind as you select the right OS for your needs, your computer, and your storage space.

  • Youll need to decide whether you are using the OS floppy disks for business or for personal use, such as home, networking, business-to-business, etc. This can help you to determine which version to purchase.
  • Figure out how many MB of storage you need to install the floppy disks and verify that you have room for the disk format of the OS.
  • Decide whether you just require the floppy disks themselves or whether you need the entire software package, which would include the floppy disks or diskettes, the instruction manual or guidebook, and the original box the disks and book came in.

What Are the Different Editions?

As you shop, youll see that there are different editions to select from when it comes to buying these disks, and there are a few types of editions youll likely encounter.

  • There are Standard editions of these disks that provide the basics of the OS.
  • Home versions are meant for everyday, general, multipurpose use for the average computer user.
  • Buying a Professional disk means that youre going to be using the OS in the workplace and for company or networking use.

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