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Microsoft HoloLens VR Headsets

Microsoft HoloLens is an enhanced mixed reality device that is specifically created for businesses and companies, allowing the workforce to be more productive and creative. If you have seen screens and 3D models floating in mid-air without any support, then this is the kind of experience that Microsoft HoloLens can deliver.

What makes Microsoft HoloLens unique?

Here are some of the most distinguishing features of the HoloLens:

  • Immersive: The projections created by HoloLens are immersive, which means that you can clearly see intricate details and 3D images. Using an increased field of view, the projection can be customized to fit dull and bright environments.
  • Ergonomic: The dial-in fit system seamlessly integrates with your vision, allowing you to put the headset on just like any other headset. The device can be used for an extended period without feeling uncomfortable. In fact, the headset will slide over the glasses and you just need to flip the visor up to come out of the virtual reality.
  • Instinctual: Using your hands or the HoloLens clicker, you can touch, grasp, and move the halogens. It's just like using a real object. These objects will also yield to your commands through voice activation and natural language processing. The in-built microphone ensures that the voice is clearly activated even when you're standing inside a high-pitched industrial unit.
  • Untethered: The Microsoft HoloLens is a standalone unit with its own processor, parts, and a Wi-Fi. There are no physical constraints as you can move anywhere you like without requiring a wire or an external source.
How does Microsoft HoloLens secure the data?

This AR headset has the ability to recognize and authenticate using Windows Hello Iris recognition. Once the entry is secured, you can easily deploy and use HoloLens just like any other mobile device. All the data and communications inside a HoloLens will act and behave like your mobile applications. Whether you're using an open box or a new device, Microsoft HoloLens will meet most industrial workplace environmental requirements.

What are some of the industrial uses of Microsoft HoloLens?

HoloLens has a wide range of practical uses. Using Microsoft 365, you and your workers can collaborate using remote assist. For technical and hazardous jobs, the HoloLens can offer step-by-step directions without losing its focus.

You can also use Bently Synchro for complex construction projects using HoloLens' unique 4D visualizations. For industrial setups, Microsoft HoloLens can be integrated with PTC Vuforia Studio helping the workforce increase productivity. Similarly, Philips Azurio is yet another innovative feature that can help surgeons perform image-guided minimally invasive procedures.

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