Using a GPS Charger for Your Vehicle

GPS has become a mainstay in modern life, as it can help those find where they need to go without having to consult a map. Instead, they can just plug in the address and get vocal directions to it.Given that the time you usually use GPS is in a car, you likely need a car charger for long drives.

Should I Buy an Adapter or a Charger?

Many cars have different features and you should look for a charger that fits your needs. Mitac offers a variety of different chargers and adapters for different kinds of cars.

  • Adapter: Some older car models likely do not have USB ports that you can plug your GPS cable into. However, all models have what is called a "cigar lighter socket", which was originally designed to light cigars and cigarettes but is now commonly used as a DC connector. If your car doesnt have a USB port but you have a USB cable for a GPS device like a Mio Navigator, you may find it easier to just buy an adapter that allows you to plug in your cable to the adapter, then to the car. This can be especially useful if you want to also use other devices charger cables but dont want to buy the car charger equivalent.
  • Regular Charger: If you dont have a GPS charger at all and you only plan to use it in the car, it may be good to just invest in a car charger compatible with the 12 volt cigar socket specifically for your GPS device. With a normal charger, it will be easier to keep track of, and you can just keep it in your car for when you need it.

What Should I Look for in a Charger?

While most chargers are similar, here are some extra features you may want to consider when buying your next Mitac charger.

  • High Amps: Your amplitude will determine how powerful your charger is. With low amps, you risk your battery draining faster than you can recharge it. 2.1 amps per output is a good starting point. So, a normal car charger would need to provide 2.1 amps while an adapter with two USB ports would require at least 4.2 amps for the whole device.
  • Multiple Ports: If you can, try purchasing a charger with multiple ports. The electronic real estate in a car is severely limited so being able to plug in multiple devices into a single socket can save your GPS, smartphone, and any other devices at the same time.

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