Peças de Motocicleta para Honda CBR1000F

How to Keep your Motorcycle on the Road All Summer

Big sport touring bikes like the CBR1000F are just the thing for long road trips across the country. All you have to do is keep up with the maintenance and have the right parts on hand and you can enjoy a long ride every summer.

How Do You Maintain a Motorcycle?

The key to maintaining a Honda CBR1000F lies in knowledge; the knowledge of what you can repair, what you need to replace, and when you need to make those decisions. The basics involve more than just filling your tank with fuel, but not a lot more; they dont usually involve replacing a lot of parts:

  • Oil and Lubrication: Change the oil and the oil filter before every season, more frequently if you ride year round. You also want to lubricate the chain regularly.
  • Battery and Electrics: If youre putting the bike away, you want to remove the battery and store it on a trickle charger over the winter. When you do put it back on the road, make sure your headlight and indicator lights are all working, too.
  • Brakes: Check the front and rear brakes for wear before you head out on the road. Its always a good idea to replace the brake pads as well as examining the discs and calipers.
  • Tires and Suspension: Check your front and rear tires for both tread wear and inflation before getting on the road for the season. Also check the travel on your shock absorbers and swing arms to be sure your bike will be stable on the road.

What About Major Repairs?

In addition to regular and beginning of season maintenance, there are also likely to be times when youre going to have to do major motorcycle repairs to your CBR1000F. Some of the areas you may need to work on include:

  • Exhaust System: From the tailpipe to the muffler, your exhaust system can last for years without major repairs.
  • Drivetrain: All the power your bike can produce goes through the clutch and its no surprised that it can wear out over time. Checking and replacing the clutch as well as any worn transmission parts can keep you on the road longer.
  • Induction: With four Keihin carburetors, your induction system has to stay in tune for maximum performance. If you do have to remove them, use fresh gaskets when you put the carbs back on your bike.
  • Rebuilds: Complete engine rebuilds, which can involve replacing everything from the crankcase to the camshaft are some of the most complex work you can do on any model of motorcycle.

Riding Your Bike

Before you take your Honda CBR1000F on the road, you want to do a walk-around checking your equipment and accessories, starting from the front and circling around the tail and back. The key is to make sure everything works from your gearshift to your taillight before you start riding. Every model bike is different in detail but similar in principle, and the better you take care of it the safer you are on the road.

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