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Neocate Baby Feeding Formulas

When using infant formula to feed your baby, its important to make sure that the ingredients will provide him or her with solid nutrition. Parents of babies with a multiple food protein intolerance condition or an allergy to milk may want to consider using an amino acid-based product. Neocate infant formula is dairy-free and designed to be hypoallergenic.

What is an elemental formula?

An elemental formula is another name for an amino acid-based food source. Protein is made from these amino acids rather than from other high-protein food sources. In other words, elemental formulas like Neocate break down protein into its simplest form. Some reasons that people might choose to use elemental formula, aside from a food allergy, include some medical conditions as well as reflux and other stomach conditions.

How do you properly mix Neocate?
  • Water: For a 5.5-ounce bottle, the standard dilution of Neocate calls for 5 ounces of water. If you want to ensure the water is sterile, boil it for two minutes and let it cool down for 30 minutes.
  • Neocate formula: Add five level scoops, or 23 grams, of the formula to the cooled, sterile water.
  • Shake well: After adding the formula, seal the bottle and shake well. Continue shaking until all of the infant formula is dissolved.
How many calories are in Neocate Infant?

Neocate Infant with DHA and ARA contains 20 calories per fluid ounce. Your pediatrician will be able to give proper guidance on your babys calorie needs. You can dilute the Neocate further or concentrate it more in order to adjust calorie content.

What are Neocates options for babies older than 12 months?

Other amino acid-based nutrition sources from Neocate include:

  • Neocate Junior: This product is for infants older than 1 year old with an allergy to milk or other protein sources. The Junior line offers vanilla, chocolate, and tropical flavors. Unflavored powder is also available.
  • Neocate Junior with prebiotics: This powder is designed to give your infant assistance if he or she has a digestive condition. Flavor options available include vanilla, strawberry, and unflavored.
How many ounces of formula are in a can?
  • Standard dilution for Neocate infant with DHA/ARA: A 14-ounce can of powder will produce approximately 16 ounces of formula.
  • Unflavored and flavored Neocate Junior: A 14-ounce can will produce approximately 18 ounces while 14 ounces of the flavored versions will produce approximately 19 ounces.
  • Junior with prebiotics: Fourteen ounces of the strawberry powder will produce approximately 19 ounces while the same amount of vanilla will produce approximately 16.5 ounces.
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