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Night Owl Home Surveillance Security Systems

To truly ensure your home is safe and monitored at all times, you need to install a home surveillance system. Night Owl offers a series of HD video-feed systems that offer incredible reliability. With multiple features and convenient ways to use it, a Night Owl home surveillance system is a solid choice for anyone looking to make their home more secure.

What picture quality do the Night Owl cameras capture?

All Night Owl cameras are set up to record in HD quality with a standard video resolution of 1080p.

What kind of features do Night Owl security systems include?

Night Owl surveillance systems have a number of features in addition to recording video. In addition to their standard HD capture, they can also record in night vision, perfect for keeping a watch on your property at all hours of the day. Additionally, each camera has a built-in, 100-degree field of view, ensuring there are minimal blind spots. The dual-sensor heat and motion detection minimizes false alerts due to weather, bugs, cobwebs, or other non-threats. Because of this, the camera starts almost exclusively because of a person, vehicle, or animal.

How do you monitor the video in Night Owl cameras?

Using the cameras installed on your property, the video feed of each one is recorded in real time to a DVR or NVR device through a secure wired connection. From there, playback of up to a terabyte of video is as easy as downloading an app and scanning a QR code, at which point you'll be able to view each camera's feed through your smart device at your leisure from anywhere, without even needing a computer for setup.

How many cameras total can be used in a system?

The base number of cameras in a home security system is four, with options for greater numbers. With DVR-based recording devices, you can have up to 16 channels active at once. With NVR-based recording devices, that number increases to 32 channels.

Can Night Owl security systems function without home power?

The HDA10P-10BU-882-BB is a set of eight home security cameras using a DVR-based recording system equipped with an integrated battery backup. These backups are made to last for up to two hours in the event of a blackout or other issue, allowing you to continue recording and monitoring your safety until power can be restored. They also come with 2 terabytes worth of memory.