Night Vision Goggles

Everything You Need to Know About Night Vision Goggles

Night vision optics are necessary for improving human vision in the dark. Fortunately, there are numerous new and used night vision goggles available on eBay that are comfortable, lightweight, and versatile, and those that can even be used hands-free in some cases. With so many choices on the market, it can definitely benefit you to learn a bit more about the different types and features available so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

Features of night vision goggles

When you are looking for a new pair of night vision goggles to purchase, you should consider the following features:

  • Battery life and type: Consider how long the batter life on the goggles is. You might also want to consider whether or not you want to deal with having to change batteries or if you want a rechargeable pair of goggles.
  • Zoom: Consider whether or not youll need the ability to zoom in on objects far away.
  • Portability: If youre going to have to travel with your goggles, youll likely want them to be lightweight and portable for ease of transport.
  • Accessories: Investigate whether or not any accessories can be used with the pair of goggles youre considering buying.
  • Hands-free capability: Consider whether youll need to have your hands free for other tasks while using your night vision options.
Night vision optics generations

Night vision goggles are made in three generations, which consist of the following:

  • Generation 1: These goggles are the most affordable and have minimalistic features. Generation 1 goggles are able to last for up to approximately 1,500 hours of use.
  • Generation 2: These goggles are priced in the mid-range and typically have higher image resolutions as well as a wider view. Generation 2 goggles are able to last up to approximately 5,000 hours of use.
  • Generation 3: Generation 3 goggles are usually the most expensive, due to their extensive features. These goggles are able to last up to 10,000 plus hours. Generation 3 goggles are used by military forces throughout the world.
What brands make night vision goggles?

There are many companies that develop and manufacture night vision goggles, including the following:

  • ATN: ATN claims to be the industry leader in the United States of night vision and thermal imaging optics.
  • Bushnell: The Bushnell Coporation is based in the United States and specializes in outdoor products and sporting optics.
  • Sightmark: Sightmark specializes in night vision optics that are inspired by the technology used by law enforcement and the military.
  • Pulsar: Pulsar specializes in professional night vision and thermal optics products.
  • Armasight: Armasight develops and produces night vision optics that intensify images and are used for covert shifting, static observation, or driving vehicles. The night vision optics produced by Armasight include all three generations of night vision optics.