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Office Supplies

Every business, from the largest corporation to the smallest mom-and-pop store, needs quality office supplies to succeed. Office productivity can be sharply reduced if workers lack the right tools and supplies. Properly outfitting your office could translate into increased profits.

What are office supplies?

Nearly anything could be useful in an office, but those things you use to complete office work are specifically known as office supplies. Desks, chairs, phones, copiers, and other such items are usually known as office equipment. The term office supplies generally refers to things consumed, like paper, pens and pencils, copier ink, staples, tape, and other items that you need to replenish over time. Generally, the term office supplies covers both office equipment and office supplies.

What supplies does an office need?

Every workplace is different, so you would need to look at the daily tasks in your office to find out what you need. However, there are a few standard items found in almost every office. You will probably need writing implements, like pens and pencils, markers, and highlighters. Paper products are common, like printing paper, notebooks, and sticky notes. Other supplies for managing paper include file folders, paper clips, and staples. If you use printers and copiers, then supplies of ink and toner are crucial. If you ship products, you would need shipping boxes and labels, packing material, and packing tape. A quick review of what goes on in your office, and a survey of your employees, would answer this question.

What office equipment do you require for your office?

Just as with supplies, the work you do will determine the equipment you choose, but there are some things every office needs. You’ll need desks and tables, and of course, every worker will need an ergonomic chair. No office can do without a printer, and a combination device that prints, scans, and faxes is an excellent, cost-effective way to outfit your team. If you deal with sensitive information, you might also invest in a shredder. If you hold team meetings, whiteboards and projectors might make your list.

Are phones considered part of office supplies?

Yes, and phones are a vitally important part of any office. You should provide a phone on every desk with its own direct dial number or extension. This facilitates intraoffice communication as well as makes it easy to contact customers, suppliers, and partners. Phones should have the ability to create conference calls, have the ability to forward calls to another number or to voicemail, and have speed-dial capabilities. Another important factor is choosing a phone system that uses convention lines or one that provides Voice Over IP (VOIP) capabilities. Hybrid systems, using both networks, are also available.